Focus on Meditation, Creating Your Own Meditation

This is week 14 of a progressive blog.  Join us each week as we create our meditation practice  
                  My life had brought me a relationship with an interesting connection, I could hear the color she was thinking, know if she wanted to ask a question, and know the emotion she was feeling before I ever entered the room to see this person.  This association although friendly had no real communication.  The day I wondered “Just how much can I see with meditation?” my friendship with this woman came to mind.  With her blessing I set out on my mission to create my own meditation, the Show ME Meditation.
I sat on my bed, eyes closed, ear plugs in, propped with pillows.  Intention was to see what I could see; I was open to the idea of light, energy, understanding.  Desired outcome?  The experience itself, what could meditation show me about my friend?  My position– legs straight out, my feet next to each other, my arms relaxed at my side, and my hands in a full set mudra (all my fingers and thumb touching at the tips).  My breathing-relaxed, comfortable, natural, slow and deep.   My mantra-Show ME.  As usual, I sat with my laptop on my lap ready to go so I could write down information if I needed to.
I started with my focus on my breath, relaxing into the rhythm, going deeper into myself with each new inhale, slowing and deepening the breath as I connected more and more to my feeling of relaxation.  After about 2 minutes of this I added in the mantra “show ME”.  The empty space I had been looking at began to fill with rich color.  I felt a pressure in my chest as if something was trying to push out of me.  I was so surprised that it shook me out of my meditative state.  I hadn’t really expected anything to be different, but this definitely was.  I could feel I was on the verge of a discovery!
I entered back into the meditation, repeating the steps I had already designed.  Breath, relaxation, mantra, but this time when the pressure started in my body I didn’t resist, I simply lowered my conscious attention to the area the pressure was.  I began to feel something like a confirmation, a sense that I was in the right space.  Repeating in my head “show me, show me, show me”, the pressure got even stronger.  I put my fingers to my computer keyboard and allowed the words to be guided.  I worked diligently to be in a state of observation, not allowing my conscious mind to think of the words I was hearing/feeling and transferring into type.  I knew from previous experience that the conscious mind has a funny way of changing information, ending the thought without listening to the real words being spoken by spirit.
About 15 minutes later I was done.  My hands had become still, I realized I had not been repeating my mantra for sometime, my eyes began to open on their own.  Before me was a full page.  I read through it and found it very interesting.  It was full of things I didn’t even know about my friend.  Feelings she had towards her boss, the break in her friendship with her best friend, alienation from her family because she could not tell them she was living with a man, and on and on.  The question left to be answered was “Did I have a very full and vivid imagination or was this all real?”  I quickly sent an email copy off to receive either confirmation or denial of the information.  To both of our surprise everything was spot on, my Show ME Meditation was a success!
Many amazing things can happen in your life when you open to the possibilities.  Creating my own meditation was very fulfilling.  Since then I have created many and often adjust them to adapt to my current need.  However the basics are always the same.

Questions and Answers:

What is this weeks practice?   Always continue with your meditation foundation practice.  Expand your practice to include trying different meditations, even creating your own.  Periodically review the lessons of your meditation foundation by going back through the blog titles. 
What should I consider when creating my own mediation?  A few factors to consider are:
·          breath– different types of breath create different reactions in the body.  If you want to relax consider a slow steady breath.  To increase energy consider a deep powerful exhale.  
·          position– the physical position of your meditation can teach you much about yourself.  A rigid position will maintain structure, a relaxed pose will allow for movement and change.
·          desired outcome– whether it is to relax, find balance, or receive direction, forming an intention based on your desired outcome will help with the effectiveness of your meditation. 
·          structure– meditation can be structured to lead to a place where you receive something.  Consider what you are searching for be it peace, relaxation, information, understanding, compassion, etc.
·          sustainability–  a meditation that is too difficult, time consuming, or tedious is a meditation that you will not do.  Daily meditations should be based on sustainability.  It is okay to create a more complicated meditation that is done periodically to address deeper issues much like a quarterly or annual check-up would do.  
·          mantra– should be leading for the conscious mind to open a bridge between beta, alpha, and theta thoughts.
Feel free to share your meditations and experiences with us no mater when you finally get to this stage.  We are conducting ongoing research into the field of meditation and your experiences are important to our research.

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