Focus on Meditation, Finding Space for Meditation

 This is  week 2 of a progressive blog.  Join us each week as we create our meditation practice.
         Finding time for meditation seems impossible, I know, because I have been there and even today I still have to make sure I find time in my day to meditate.  With a busy family and a demanding occupation, how do I suggest you create space?  Start simple, really simple.  This week you are going to take one minute three times a day to find space in your life for meditation. 

           Give this a try, when you wake up in the morning before you jump out of bed (or standing in place if there is fear of falling back to sleep) spend one minute without any noise, no radio, no phone, no TV, no talking, no thinking about what to do next.  Instead of distractions you are going to count to 60, out loud if you must but in your head is preferred.  You are going to count to 60 a second at a time.  Then your minute is over and your day is on.  Easy!

            What about the rest of your day?  In the beginning I was sick in bed about 18 hours a day so you would think it wouldn’t be hard to find the space, but it was!  I would go a whole day and realize that I hadn’t spent even a second on meditation.  It turned out not to be just about time but more about mind, it was hard to create the habit.  It was not about creating time it was about creating space for my meditation.  I had alarms set 4 times a day for medication so to create a habit before I took my medicine I spent time with my meditation.  I didn’t have the luxury of thinking do I want to do this.  I was sick, I had to do this!  I did what Nike said, “JUST DO IT” Each time the alarm went off I would take a moment and meditate.  This action was the prefect first step to creating a meditative habit for healing and health.  After about a week I noticed my resistance to creating my meditative space started to fade.  After two weeks I noticed I looked forward to my meditative space!


           That was then.  Now how do I find time for my meditative space?  Here are a few examples of easy ways I create space in my life for meditation:

·          There is a two minute street light by my house, I often grab a minute if I get there just as it turns red, which happens a lot. I only grab a minute instead of two because my priority is driving and I want to be ready when the light turns green so not to delay other drivers.
·          When I arrive at my destination if I am early I take half the time I am early and use this for my meditative space.  (The other half of the time is used relaxing and enjoying the feeling and information that I get from my meditative practice.  You will learn more in subsequent lessons about this)
·          If I sit down to watch a favorite TV show and I haven’t created my meditative space during the day, I take a minute first before I press the power button.
·          In the shower.  (There are specific shower meditations that you will learn when we cover the  tools of meditation.)  I really like this one because in the winter I relax in the hot water and in the summer I am refreshed by the cool water.
·          If I have a long day, before I leave the office I take whatever precious time I can spare, up to 10 minutes, to create my meditative space.  This helps release my day and prepare me for spending time with my family, so it has a two fold benefit
·          Before utilizing a relaxation technique such as playing cards, gardening, eating a snack
·          While waiting for water to boil
·          Filling up my drinking bottle with filtered water (it takes 95 seconds to fill-lol)
·          After dinner before I clear my place unless the family is involved in a lively discussion.
·          In a doctors office with a family member I will take a minute up to 15 depending on the wait time.
·          Anytime I feel stress and think “I just need a minute” I take it.
·          Before bed, especially if the day has been extreme, I will set aside 30 minutes.  Depending on the day I may fall asleep as soon as I start the meditation.  This is okay because I enter dream land in a state of meditation instead of laying awake with the monkey mind that can keep me awake, tossing and turning.

Question and Answers:

What is this weeks practice?  You will create a meditative space by counting to 60 three times a day.

What if I forgot my minute….

·          Set an alarm for morning and night (cell phones are great for this) so at least you know you will have two times a day that you can’t forget.
·          Do it as soon as you remember
·          Don’t beat yourself up, you are creating a new habit, be gentle while you do.

Some of us may find this easy and want to do it more than 3 times a day.   Taking a minute for ourselves more than three times a day is okay but you do not need to create meditative space more than three times a day for an average person.


Is this it or will it get harder?   Yes, this is really it.  Things will change.  Even with the changes it will really stay this simple because you will have laid the proper foundation and understanding all along the way.


Is creating a meditative space really important?   Absolutely.  Next week I will tell you why 😉

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