Focus on Meditation, Form Follows Thought

This is week 11 of a progressive blog. Join us each week as we create our meditation practice

               Have you ever played darts?  If you don’t focus on the bull’s-eye with everything you have the dart will go just about anywhere.  Think about getting ready to throw a dart, notice your focus, how you steady your stance, ground your feet, relax your body, put your attention on the center of the board.  Now you are ready to throw a bull’s-eye!  Just as you release the dart someone calls your name, you think about your food order, or your phone rings, and the dart misses the board completely.  It doesn’t matter what the distraction is as soon as your thought leaves the center of the board so does the possibility of the dart hitting it.  That is form follows thought.  This Universal Law of Form Follows Thought also effects things like basketball, kayaking, and meditation.
                Keep this in mind while you work on these specific chakra meditations.  Utilize your meditation foundation in addition to the meditation directions.   I found in working with the meditations they each had a different feel for me.
The General mediation was very relaxing and utilized full visualization.  I noticed that sometimes the colors of my chakras were not the same as the known standard.  I did not try to alter my perception of the colors, instead I put my focus on the brilliance of the chakra itself.  Over time the colors balanced themselves out too. 
                 The Outdoor Chakra Meditation made me feel vibrant.  I found it easy to adjust both color and brightness after doing this meditation.  I remember one late evening out on the lawn solid in my meditation, my feet in the damp cool grass, and then the sprinklers came on!  What fun. 
                The Water Method of Cleansing Chakras for me doesn’t feel like much during the process but each time I do it I notice that my day goes a little smoother, my insights seem a little stronger, and I feel a general sense of peace that is very useful during trying times.
General Chakra Meditation This meditation is a simple quick way to draw energy into each of your chakras.  Go to a quiet place. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and bring the mind to an alert state, focusing on the rhythm of your breathing. As the body becomes more relaxed and breathing becomes rhythmic and easy, begin to visualize the first chakra, the root chakra, as a brilliant ball of red light (located 2-3 inches below anal area). Stay on each chakra until you have reached a state of brilliance for this light. You can even imagine the energy/light moving in a clockwise circle. If this seems difficult rely on your imagination-form follows thought. Then move on to the second, sacral chakra, and see it as a lovely ball of orange light (space between the pubic bone, navel, and lower abdomen). Move up to the third, solar plexus chakra, and envision it as a glorious ball of yellow light (two inches above the navel area). Then to the fourth, heart chakra. See it as a wondrous ball of green light (center of chest cavity). The fifth, or throat chakra, glows steadily with a bright blue light (area of throat and neck). The sixth, third eye chakra, fills the space between your eyebrows with clear indigo or purple light (between the eyebrows). And the seventh, crown chakra, resonates with loving white light (3-4 inches above the top of the center of head).
                 Purpose: to draw energy into each of your chakras. The intensity and brilliance of each chakra reflects how well we are evolving into the life we know.   Suggested time: 5 – 30 minutes
  adapted from Yogatsu 101, Introduction to Energy Psychology and Spiritual Rehabilitation   by Alice Percy Strauss

Outdoor Chakra Meditation This meditation is best done standing barefoot in earth or grass.  Focusing on the rhythm of your breathing, as the body becomes more relaxed and breathing becomes rhythmic and easy, begin to feel the first chakra, the root chakra.  Holding your hands in front of the chakra in an open position like a bowl imagine everything that is uncomfortable, solid, goopy, etc falling out of the chakra and into your open hands.  Keep emptying the chakra into your hands until it feels open and clear.  Then dump the pile of energy in your hands onto the ground.  Wiggle your fingers, and shake your hands to release all the energy that you were holding.   Repeat until the chakra feels open and clear.  Then move on to the next chakra, the second, sacral chakra below belly button, the third, solar plexus chakra above belly button, the fourth, heart chakra center chest, the fifth, throat chakra, the sixth, third eye chakra on your brow, and the seventh, crown chakra just above the head.
                 Purpose: to empty blockages from each of your chakras. Your feeling of comfort in each chakra reflects your progress.   Suggested time: 5 – 30 minutes
Copied from A Return to Self  By Christine Contini

Water Method of Cleansing Chakras (practiced in the shower) 
                Hold your left hand at the base of your spine, and with your right hand three or four inches above the skin feel for your first chakra.  Spin the chakra counterclockwise (imagine that your body is the face of the clock) three or four times, rotating your fingertips in a circle.  Rinse your fingers in the water.  This eliminates the sludge and toxins that adhere to the walls of the chakra.  Repeat for all seven chakras, making sure to rinse your fingers thoroughly in between.  Try to sense the dense energy-like cotton candy-on the chakras.  Now go back to your first chakra, spinning it clockwise three or four times.  Repeat for all seven chakras.  This exercise increases the speed of the chakras, allowing each energy vortex to spin at its optimal frequency.  A clean chakra is able to draw in natural energy to replenish the reserves in the luminous energy field and keep us in exceptional health. 
  Copied from Shaman, Healer, Sage  By Alberto Villoldo
Questions and Answers:

What is this weeks practice?  Continue with your meditation foundation practice.  Expand your practice to include trying some of these Chakra Cleansing Meditations.
How do I know I am changing anything with these meditations?  Not everyone can visualize their thoughts, or feel the energy in their chakras.  You will know if you are creating change with your meditation by the feeling you obtain from it.  Remember form follows thought so your focus is very important with these meditations.
What do I do if when I visualize my chakras some of them look drab?  If some chakras do not seem as brilliant as others make a note of this and use the chakra information from the Education and Learning Page on the website to analyze the possible chakra issue
              Attend one of the classes on meditation or chakra work.
What if I am not getting the results that I want?  There are many kinds of meditations.  These are just a few.  You can search out others or work through the next few weeks as we try different meditations to find one that works for you.

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