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                        My parents are amazing people, they have always been there for me no matter how incredibly crazy my own thoughts were compared to theirs.  I remember growing up with a strong sense of security but never quite understanding just how much they cared for me until I had my own children.  I have called my parents at least 100 times over the years to thank them again each time I realize how much they really loved me, how they let me learn and grow for my benefit not theirs.  Each time seeing in my own children the love that they have for me, that bed time was not a punishment, that lessons of responsibility were not because they wanted to boss me around, that the patience they showed me was in no way an easy position to take when I was doing something self destructive.  I have grown into what they call “an amazing woman” which even though simply stated touches me to the very core of my being.  I have separated myself from them only to return each time with a greater and deeper love for who my parents are to me. 
                         Meditation returns us to our divinity, to the place we truly know as home, much like returning to the open embrace and unconditional love of family we all have or wish to have in our daily lives.   
                        The call for home, for the love of family is again very loud in my ears as one of my lovely daughters is having her first baby this December and has made me part of her birthing plan and newborn care group 😉  For those of you that have been loyal followers this may come as a surprise…this is the last Focus on meditation blog for now.  I have truly enjoyed interacting with each and everyone of you.  I am glad to have  your trust in sharing your meditation experiences. I know how personal these experiences are and how important it is to have a safe place to share.  Please feel free to continue sharing your meditation adventures with me as they occur.
                        For those that have been silent readers, if you have been following your action plan for meditation (and not just enjoying the blog stories) I am sure you are finding more and more ways to use these techniques to enjoy the world around you.  Keep up the good work, allow yourself the freedom to be human, the freedom to be strong and weak in your practice, to be patient with results, consistent with the habit, and sincere in your desire for change. 
                       I encourage each of you to continue searching for more information on your own.  You can find information and lessons on my personal website and on The TOTAL Concepts website under Education & Learning. 
                      Lastly, be sure to join us again in the spring of 2012 for our E-classes and new blog topic, Universal Laws, that is sure to entertain and enlighten just as much as the meditation series.  If you would like to be notified when the blog begins again please send an email request to
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