Focus on Meditation, If I Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

This is week 8 of a progressive blog. Join us each week as we create our meditation practice.
               How many of you have been skydiving?  Even if you have not, most of us have an idea of what it is like.  We know that it takes a certain amount of skill, courage, that it creates excitement for the person jumping.  How about if I give you a video taken from the helmet of a jumper?  You can watch first hand what it is to sky dive.  See the view as you free fall from 16,000 feet, feel the sensation of weightless flight at speeds approaching 140 MPH while taking in views of amazing scenery from a perspective you have never before experienced.  Wow!  I can tell you about how it takes your breath away every time, how you will have to remember to breath so you don’t become light headed from the reduced oxygen.  I can tell you that moving your arms and legs in and out can change not only the speed at which you move but your direction as well.  I can tell you the fear you will feel when you pull the rip cord and the shoot takes a fraction of a second to open, that it is still long enough for  you to wonder if it will open at all.  I can write every detail, fill an entire book with instructions and experiences, but until you jump for yourself you will never truly know the experience of skydiving. 
                This is how life works.  We can hear about it all day long, but if we are not truly living our lives we are simply watching someone else do it.  Even with our mediation practice,  how many of you have been reading this week after week and not implementing the ideas or at least implementing something that you choose to do that suits you best?  How many of you are changing nothing when what you hoped was that learning this would make a change for you?
                 If you are strong in your foundation and your practice then this is an easy week for you.  You can relax and enjoy creating more stability in your practice.  Be inspired to keep up the good work and totally engross your self in the experience.  Really choose to experience your meditation rather than just watching it. 
               For those who have not yet taken the time to create a solid practice this week is to encourage you to do so.  If you have been reading and still do not put into action these simple steps ask yourself “why?”  If you are looking for entertainment I am sure you could find many things much more entertaining than reading about meditation.  You are reading this because you have asked to create change in your life!  Put things into action.  For you, I want you to start back at week 2 and create your meditative space!
               I can not guarantee this will make the change in your life you are looking for, but what I can guarantee you is that if you change nothing, nothing will change.  I remember in my younger years hearing information and acting on the advise.  The older I got the less I acted on what sounded like good advice because I had experienced many things that turned into disappointment for me.   We walk through our lives every day asking for help and I am telling you that this helps.   Why not give it a real effort and see where the experience takes you?

Questions and Answers:

What is this weeks practice?  We are not changing anything about our practice this week.  Our foundation is in place and we are sticking with it to create a firm habit.  Continue practicing Progressive Relaxation Diaphragmatic Breath while reducing the distractions of your conscious mind 1-5 minutes three times a day (or 5 minutes twice a day).  Use a Mantra that suits your intention or enjoy the silence this time provides. 

What do I do if I do not feel my foundation is solid?  Go back to the lesson that will reinforce the step of the practice you need help in or attend a class on meditation.  Try some guided meditations or join a group that meditates together.  Find an intuitive that can feel where you are blocking your meditation and allow them to help you open to your possibilities. 

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