Focus on Meditation, Making Every Meditation Unique

This is week 10 of a progressive blog. Join us each week as we create our meditation practice
                  I don’t know about you, but as a mom of a large family I sometimes hate the idea that I have to make dinner every night.  It is not like any other chore in my life.  Dinner has to be done every single night no matter what.  Even if it is take out it has to be done!  I have to think about what we are going to eat, how much is enough for everyone, who is going to like what, will the nutrition be in balance, and more.   Organization, communication, and consideration all play a part in having dinner preparation be less stressful and more fulfilling in my life.  On the upside, if I keep things in perspective I have a tendency to enjoy it much more.  Things like meal planning, shopping in advance, time for preparation, cleaning up as I go, all these things play a part in a successful dinner time routine for me and my family.
                  What does this have to do with meditation?  When I started meditating I was hoping this wouldn’t be another thing in my life like dinner that I had to do forever, I wanted to just do it till I was better and then be done with it.  Now after years of learning to really work with my meditative practice I am glad this is not the case.  Things that need to be done everyday bring us getter benefit than those that we can take or leave.  I have chosen to keep meditation in all forms as part of my life long plan.  I encourage others to do the same.  Use a variety of meditations to gain perspective, organization, communication, consideration, reduce stress, plan, clean up, heal, establish a routine, and more.
                   With this in mind, let’s discuss some of the types of meditation, their uses, and when to utilize each.
·          Basic Silence Meditations– these are your foundation.  These are most effective when utilized every day, at least once a day. This is where you always go when things feel like they are not going your way.  It opens you to hear the information that will get you back on track.
·          Relaxation Meditations– are for the physical body.  Utilize techniques like diaphragmatic breath and the progressive relaxation to reduce physical stress in the body, opening the body to it’s daily healing abilities.
·          Stress Release Meditations– are for the emotional body.  Use these meditation formats when you are stuck in circular thoughts that keep you asking why, how, etc., or when depression, anger, judgment, or fear exist.
·          Grounding Meditations– are used to create strength, balance, trust.  Grounding reconnects you to the part of yourself that is solid, secure, complete.  Used in conjunction with a stress release meditation, grounding meditations help you feel whole again.
·          Running Energy Meditation– use this to reconnect either to the energy of the earth, the sky, or a combination of both.  You can run energy meditations to revitalize your personal self in many ways.
·          Compassion Meditations– this meditation format makes it possible to help others in their time of need.  By learning the different compassion meditations you can help relieve emotional pain in others, raise the quality and quantity of light in a persons body, eliminate illness, stop trauma such as asthma and heart attacks, and more.
·          Visualization Meditations– very useful in healing, this meditation can actually undo physical and emotional trauma, electromagnetic damage to your auras, meridians, chakras, and etheric template, and create new growth and change.
·          Cleansing Meditations– should be used when you don’t feel quite right, when things seem to be dragging you down and holding you back.  Cleansing meditations are perfect for clearing stagnant energy from the body, restoring the flow of energy in the chakras, meridians, and auras, and brining new life and insight to old problems.
·          Intention Meditations– are best used when you need to adjust future or past events based on personal need.  These meditations are best used with an advanced understanding of meditation.
·          Channel Meditations–  can connect you to higher self, divinity, the universal conscious mind, the Akashic Living Library, other individuals personal selves and spirits.  Used for communication, growth, and understanding, these meditations should always be looked at from a point of true self to eliminate undue influence.a
·          Create your own meditation to support any specific need you have.

                      With all these meditation variables, meditation never gets boring for me.  Over the coming weeks I will share some of my specific meditations that I use to help expand your view of what meditation can do.  


Questions and Answers:
What is this weeks practice?  Continue with your meditation foundation practice (Progressive Relaxation, Diaphragmatic Breath, reduced distractions) working up to a goal of 15 minutes per meditation once or twice a day. 

How does meditation help with preparation?  Meditating daily keeps us in a state of readiness/preparedness.  It is similar to the concept of a cell phone.  Cells are amazing devices that keep us connected to everything.  They eliminate stress, bring us closer to our loved ones, help us get more done in less time…but if when you go to use the phone the battery is dead there is no benefit.  Daily meditation keeps us connected, our battery charged.  In the moment we need something more our preparation will serve us well. 

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