Focus on Meditation “My Beginning”

          When I started meditating I had no idea what I was doing or where it would take me. At the time I was sick with MS, in bed 12-18 hours a day, and willing to try anything. My father, who knew everything when I was a kid, and didn’t when I was a teen, gave me this answer when I asked him about Meditation, “Find a Buddhist, they are the best at meditation.”
          I thought it was a rather odd suggestion as I didn’t know any Buddhists, and as far as I knew they were only in Tibet. Although I remained open to the idea I didn’t put any effort into something that seemed to be so far out of my reach. Two days later, I was talking with Danielle, my Girl Scout Co-Leader, about what my father said just as a point of conversation and to my surprise I found out SHE WAS A BUDDHIST! “Wow, that was easy,” I thought. It took me all of two days to just fall into what may be the most important part of my healing journey. I was glad it was so easy! If it had been any harder, I may not have started meditating regularly.
          Lovely Danielle, not only told me about being a Buddhist, she brought me a copy of the chant and gongyo used by SGI Buddhists and worked everyday for a week to teach me the pronunciations. Later, she invited me to a service, where I heard the gongyo practice with the power of many voices. AMAZING! It was beautiful, like a song, everyone chanting in unison, one single voice.
My first meditation was the Buddhist chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. I chanted this 10 minutes twice a day for six months before I connected that this was the meditation my father spoke of. Raised Catholic, I thought it was a prayer! For me, it was a very positive meditation lesson. I guess my dad knows everything again 😉
          Over time, I have put together what meditation truly is for me. Each week, I will share my point of view about meditation, steps to learn meditation, things you can accomplish with a responsible and disciplined life of meditation, and anything else the wind brings us on meditation.
          Feel free to question or comment on this blog. I look forward to hearing about your progress and your pit falls.

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