Getting Started with the STUDY! Application


This application is for STUDY 2017.
If you have questions
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First Step- fill out the online application. 

Step 1 of 3


Second Step-take a Selfie

After completing 3 part application above you will do your Selfie Interview. Be your-Selfie and use these question guidelines to film your own interview submission.  Answer however much or little you want (between 2-30 minutes).    Video does not effect participation.

  1. Name, age, profession.  If you would like please share about your work, family situation, hobbies, physical activities, more.
  2. Have you worked with self healing before?  Over come any illness, disability, challenges etc. with the use of self healing?
  3. Has someone helped you heal in some way? Have you helped others heal in some way?
  4. What interests you about the STUDY?  Why are you participating?
  5. Share anything on your mind that is relevant to you and your participation in the STUDY.

When you are finished send them to  These videos are private and will not be shared without your knowledge.

STUDY Contribution

The STUDY contribution for STUDY 2017 will be determined by January of 2017.
The STUDY contribution for Individual STUDY will be determined by August 2016



*Some participants may need to Interview with the STUDY Coordinator, or the director Christine Contini, either in person or over the phone.