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The meditation app for the STUDY is Simetim. It is an Apple product. If you do not have Apple you can search your device store to see what is available. You can also use a standard clock or timing device.

When I started meditating I had no idea what I was doing or where it would take me. At the time I was sick with MS, in bed 12-18 hours a day, and willing to try anything. My father, who knew everything when I was a kid, and didn’t when I was a teen, gave me this answer when I asked him about Meditation, “Find a Buddhist, they are the best at meditation.”

I thought it was a rather odd suggestion as I didn’t know any Buddhists, and as far as I knew they were only in Tibet. Although I remained open to the idea I didn’t put any effort into something that seemed to be so far out of my reach. Two days later, I was talking with Danielle, my Girl Scout Co-Leader, about what my father said and to my surprise I found out SHE WAS A BUDDHIST! “Wow, that was easy,” I thought. It took me all of two days to just fall into what may be the most important part of my healing journey. I was glad it was so easy! If it had been any harder, I may not have started meditating regularly.

Lovely Danielle brought me a copy of the chant and gongyo and worked every day for a week with me. Later I heard the gongyo practice with the power of many voices. AMAZING! It was beautiful, like a song, everyone chanting in unison, one single voice.

My first meditation was the Buddhist chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. I chanted this 10 minutes twice a day for six months before it clicked this was the meditation my father spoke of. Raised Catholic, I thought it was a prayer! For me, it was a very positive meditation lesson. I guess my dad knows everything again.

In this meditation module, I will share my point of view about meditation, easy steps towards a strong foundation, things you can accomplish with a responsible and disciplined life of meditation, and a few fun stories.

What is next?  Consider that meditation will be easy.  Nothing more.

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