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Each day you will be given a mental exercise to perform with 2-5 minutes of reading about the exercise. The exercises help to slowly shift you from a blocked, attached, judgmental, stuck in conclusion way of thinking to an open, expansive, free will use of your energy.

You will do one exercise a day for 14 days. Each exercise is repeated 2-5 times a day. Total time per day does not exceed 15 minutes.

The use of these exercises to alter attachment and judgment processes has been very effective.  The use of this tool is prefaced with the concept that it can take you out of your current reality.  For some this is difficult.  If you run into problems stop doing the exercises.  If within three days you have not reverted back to your normal thought processes or a process that is agreeable please seek additional support.  You are welcome to participate in these exercises as a group.  To be assigned to a group please contact your lesson teacher.


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