Using a Pendulum to Evaluate Chakras

Learn how to work with chakras using a pendulum to help clarify and see the energy in each chakra and chakra combination. From building your own pendulum, to reading the chakra, to diagnosing its needs.

Making a Pendulum

In general you can make a pendulum from anything.  Suspend a weighted object from a chain or string. The pendulum should be at least a few ounces-approximately the weight of a metal key.  It can be made of wood, natural crystals or stones. In a pinch, people have often used wedding rings or keys hung from a string or chain when an instant pendulum is needed.IMG_6505

You may also find that using something personal can make for a very good pendulum. Perhaps the beads from a previously favorite necklace or other random small objects that hold sentimental value for you. Piecing several things together can be beautiful and useful, giving energy to the process that you would not have had with any other combination.

Testing the Motion of a Chakra

1. With your pendulum in hand, lay on your back face up
2. Breathe easily and focus your attention on the rhythm of your breathing
3. Relax your body and allow your mind to clear itself of all external stimuli
4. Pay attention that your focus on your breath is inside your body and not out, shoulders should relax back slightly
5. Place your *left hand face down on a chakra
6. With your right hand, hold the pendulum approximately 3-4 inches above your left hand
7. Allow the vibration to move through your right hand in a relaxed manner, record the directional movement, the speed, and the size of the motion

*Occasionally some people may need to switch hands based on “polarity”. This is based on energetic switching.

Evaluating the Chakras Pendulum Swing

Often the swing of the pendulum is in different directions when held over individual chakras. Chakra evaluations can change from day to day, depending on what is taking place energetically and spiritually within each of the chakra centers. The size of the pendulum movement is related to the energy flowing in and around the chakra. If movement is large, the chakra has a lot of energy moving through it. If the movement is small, the energy flowing in the chakra is weak. Working with a pendulum helps increase your sensitivities to the energies emanating from all things.

Evaluating Each Chakra

Let’s evaluate these aspects of a chakra, size, speed, direction of motion, content reaction, mental and emotional disturbances, implosion, explosion, fear, and resolution.

Size-when chakra motion is between 6-8 inches this shows a healthy flow of energy into the chakra. If the size is smaller or standing still the chakra does not have enough energy flowing in through the back of the body to support the health of the chakra. An under active chakra will combine with another chakra for support.  This combination under these circumstances will often cause the other chakra to become over active, creating a system drain, over time showing up as symptoms in the physical body. If the size is larger the chakra is overactive and is flowing energy faster than it can be used in the chakra. An overactive chakra usually has immovable blocks requiring the extra energy to keep the chakra open to energetic flow instead of collapsing in on the blocks.

  • speed at which the pendulum moves also indicates flow of energy in chakra. Too fast means you are forcibly moving energy through the chakra. There is an unnatural balance to overcome an “explosion” of Charka energy. Too slow means energy is being forcibly slowed down due to an implosion of some kind. Over time the health of the chakra will break down, as the “fabric” of the chakra is being pulled on by the speed of energy in motion. Learning the issues behind the explosion or implosion (extreme push and pull due to fear) of each chakra will help.

motion meaning for majority of pendulum users:

Here are the basic motions for working with Chakras.

chakra clockwise   chakra counter clockwise

chakra verticle              chakra horizontal

chakra right diagonal            chakra left diagonal

chakra chaotic clockwise       chakra chaotic counter clockwise

chakra still

Part II-With the written motions in hand, let’s start the evaluation process. You will need the Chakra Energy Centers information to proceed.

Resolution or Action plan. It can take years to master all aspects of a single chakra. Your action plan should be one that supports your in the moment growth rather than your life long plan. You can structure the in the moment growth to support the life long plan. For instance I want to be able to love my family unconditionally. What does that mean to me today? In what ways can I look at my life in regards to a single chakra and see where this is valuable and manageable.  I could in the root chakra create a plan to let go of beliefs that when I am upset with the money in my bank account I can realize it does not effect those outside of me. When my children ask for something that costs money I can be okay instead of snapping at them that I do not have money. I can learn to love myself (heart chakra) where I am in regards to money and be patient (2nd or 3rd?) with myself for believing I am letting them down or harming them in any way.  This individualized program will be focused on my over health and wellness based on where I am in each moment of time verses where I will be at the end of my time.

Working with Chakras

Where you give your “attention” is where you will effect the chakra.  Where the chakra needs “attention” is what will show in the reading.  For instance if a heart chakra is reading still it does not mean the heart is not functioning on some level, it means the item you are giving your attention to is struggling currently in the heart. If you change the attention of the person being read the energy will show this new attention.

Focusing on the front facing chakra with a vortex center is used to work on the wellness of the chakra. With this attention you will effect the light content of the chakra, the connection to self and others, the contents or ingredients in the chakra, and the wealth of the chakra.

Focusing on the front facing chakra opened as a cylinder is used to work on the flow of the chakra. If a chakra has imploded or exploded it will hold attention at the vortex to stop the energetic drain on the chakra. Over time as situation is resolved the energetic flow will return. When a person holds too much attention in the form of self-control to override natural behavior with free will choice the vortex will often “corrupt” the “information” as it enters into the body.

Cylinder turned up into the body so the open ends are facing the ground or sky is used to connect the free-flow of the center channel of physical form. This is used to work on the overall balance of the physical body. If a chakra is damaged and turned into this position it will return itself to forward facing to protect the rest of the system from contamination or damage.

Cylinder turned up into the body, connected to other cylinders also turned up, is used to complete the clear channel of the physical body. At this point you can not work on a single chakra. You will be working on the energy as a whole. There is no difference between the inside and the outside of a person once this item is in place functioning properly. Chaotic clockwise in all chakras would be a reflection of this information being embodied at all times. There would be no further need to identify a singular item to work with.


Energy-composed of information, power

Information-is coding coming into the body as an energetic supplement to create the change we are searching for. It is a form of programing that is outside of us floating around waiting to be needed, grabbed by the body, and then assimilated into the system as a whole. This is a cooperative process.

Ingredient-entered as an element into the chakra.  Ingredients are not permanent to the health of a chakra. They can be imported and exported at any time based on personal will, wealth, and power.

Wealth-the wealth of a chakra is determined by its value or possession of an ingredient. Without ingredients there is no value to a chakra.