Mission Statement


How We Work

As a group, through education we open the door to healing, through practical life applications we empower the populous with tools that actually work instead of lofty visions, and through sharing our experiences we provide a platform for continued growth and understanding.

As a community, we work together to combine these pieces in a way that will complete your knowledge of what it will take for you to heal.

Every individual has very specific healing needs and each practitioner has a part to play in the healing of the individual.  As we proceed forward with these concepts, we will begin to believe again that healing is truly possible without the misunderstanding that healing must always be a magical and mystical experience.  True healing combines all forms of information from intuition to physical surgery.   We work to help you identify your will, desire, and methods of healing.

Working With Your Doctor

The medical field has been touching on our work for years, learning to understand how we are a package of body, mind, and spirit that can not be separated where healing is concerned.  We work with conventional medicine.  Along with your doctors we process information to customize a healing format best suited for the individual.  As this process continues, we analyze many healing programs to identify the specific combination of practices that are most effective.   Through this process, we begin to make strong bold assessments about the healing journey and share them with our community.

How We Got Started

The TOTAL Concept Body, Mind, and Spirit Division was conceived when several practitioners wanted to figure out how to really make a difference in the world of healing.  It seemed easy enough that if we were able to connect the people who had the questions with the people who had the answers then, healing would follow.  We each had a very specific piece of the healing puzzle and found that for a complete healing, we needed to combine these pieces into The TOTAL Concept.  We are a collection of individuals that believe that working together makes us stronger, gives us more insight, and supports the greater goal of personal healing.

We define our program by the open and honest practices we offer.  True healing begins from within and continues as a personal journey.

The TOTAL Concept Program was founded due to the personal experiences and the pursuit of health by Christine Contini. Founded in July of 2011 as a separate company, The TOTAL Concept is now a  division of Luminosity Wellness Center.    We are using this expansion to further support the vision of Self Healing is Real through The TOTAL Concept approach.

In 2001, Christine Contini was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After a decade of extensive hands on research and work in self-healing, Christine dedicated her life to teaching these principles to others. “When I started my healing journey, I had no one to guide me. I remember praying for someone, hoping there were real answers for healing. It took me years to find the answers on my own. I want to help others find their way of healing without the struggle and time lost by bringing many forms of healing into The TOTAL Concept.”

Christine was a very traditional MS patient for the first three years of her diagnosis. She followed Western concepts of medication and rest. Although the pain management and anti-depressants allowed her to function at a higher level than without, she still felt complete healing could be attained. She began her research and found Water Therapy which increased her mobility. She added chiropractic visits twice weekly which helped with pain. “I noticed the biggest change occur when I started the Swank MS diet” says Christine, “After a few weeks, I was able to handle stress. After a few months, I curtailed off the Swank MS diet and noticed the return of the MS symptoms. The difference on and off the diet was striking.” Doctors of Osteopathy worked on her blood. She also practiced visualization meditation for healing and nerve damage, chanting, mantras, and prayer. These were all part of her total healing equation. After three years in a new direction towards healing, Christine still felt something was missing. The symptoms always reappeared until she met an Intuitive Healer. From this experience, she began working with chakra balancing and energy. This was the final piece of her healing puzzle. She now understood the healing journey, “The final spirit component allowed me to gain control over my health. I was able to reach a point of being symptom and medication free through Body, Mind, and Spirit wellness.”

Raised Catholic, Christine did not have knowledge of the esoteric world. In 2008 her life would change forever.  She had a massive heart attack and a Near Death Experience.  This experience gave her an understanding of available energy that she was previously unaware of, energy for healing, energy that exists in and around all of us all the time.