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Who does this?

People who study the healing arts
are driven by one or more of these ideas

  • I feel a calling that I can not shake
  • I want to help friends and family members
  • I need to help myself
  • I want to strengthen what I already know to be true
  • This is fascinating
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if….

No matter what is driving you, Luminosity and The TOTAL Concept are here for you to find that path and move with you into the reality of the healing arts.  We take the surreal and bring it into the real.  You will be working with people who have real life applications for the techniques they teach.

What can I do with this?

Once you have honed and developed your skills there are many real world applications.  Helping friends and family members is where most people start so they can gain experience and understanding.  People with a natural energetic fit may be chosen to work directly with Luminosity or a private practitioner.   Emergent Services is a growing market for energy work (such as helping on trauma teams, distance healing, pain release, bone transformation, and more) as well as family aid (releasing trauma experiences,creating energetic path ways that do not currently exist in a family environment, helping with communication skills on a body, mind, spirit level) .  Adding these skills to your already chosen profession for many is also a powerful tool.

How do I get started?  

Come in and take a tour.  See what the center is like and how it feels to you.   Once done, we check to see your natural fit and match you with educators and practitioners that know how to embrace your abilities.

As an apprentice you have access to a data base that is not open to the public with recorded class sessions to be reviewed at your convenience.  You have access to experienced personnel that can be used as a resource and you have the support of your peers.  You are no longer alone in this journey while still free to learn and grow from a place that is uniquely you.

What does this cost?

There is no charge for the tour or interview process.
Several programs are free community services while others are fee based.

FREE Apprenticeship

  • An apprentice once recognized is always welcome in the group.
  • They are invited to participate in all group training sessions.
  • They have access to group support and chats to communicate questions, resolutions, and progress information.
  • Receive suggested energetic, physical, and mental exercises to be completed by apprentice.
  • Apprentices participating for free are welcome to bring in clients at standard client rate and will be given direction on healing practices and shown how to complete selected techniques.
  • Apprentice can choose to be fully engaged with intense personal training or go at a more leisurely pace.

For a one-on-one personalized training experience you can invest in program options that include:

  • Daily exercises based on apprentice abilities, needs, and time.  Exercises are energetic, physical, and mental.  Participant will communicate experience with these exercises to gain knowledge and understanding.
  • Apprentice will share personal examples of experiences and be shown how to energetically understand experience and make changes based on tenants, contemplation, reconciliation, and growth.
  • Daily contact through text/email/phone calls to communicate personal issues and events, questions, resolutions, and progress information.
  • private training sessions with clients
  • personal wellness sessions to balance and accelerate personal growth and progress
  • Suggested exercises to be completed by apprentice
  • Discounts for family and friends while training

The TOTAL Concept is filling several positions from the current apprentice training:

  • Team Leaders for the STUDY
  • member of healing teams for charitable work
  • members for profit work
  • private practice
  • off property consultant

For more details on program options and which instructors are currently accepting private apprentices please contact us

Contact Us For Apprenticeship