Awareness: Raising Whole Kids

Awareness: Raising Whole Kids

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Intuitive people are depending more on their sixth sense as opposed to their five senses to navigate their worlds. We expect animals to be more attuned to their sixth sense as opposed to ourselves but remember we are animals too.  We take notice when a dog starts acting weird, we check the news, the weather etc. to try to figure out why the animal is acting so strangely but we do not do that with our kids and/or people.  We need to help kids rely on their intuition to keep them and others safe. When we as a society do not honor and help kids learn to trust their intuition or animal instincts we are doing a disservice to all of us as human animal beings.

We need to pay attention when intuitive children pitch fits for seemingly no reasons.  Children typically do not have the words to describe feelings/chemical reactions in their bodies nor do they usually have the words or insight to say why the feelings are coming up; they just feel them.

A family aware of the intuitive child’s needs and abilities will react in a totally different way. Everyone in the family is almost ready to head out the door…

It is just as important to not over give to a child’s sixth sense and allow it to control them. Energetically we live in a world.

Slowing down is super important the third eye is two primary parts, the brain and the mind, moving at different speeds. The mind moves slower than the brain. When out of body the mind handles so much material the reduced speed is required for calculations. When in the body the space is limited and the reduced speed can seem impossible to connect with the