Tools and Techniques

These techniques have been taken from a variety of resources.  The methods and styles are suggestions and should be utilized to suit your personal needs.  It is important to be conscious of how you are effected and make each concept your own, altering the techniques to add value to yourways, means, and needs.  We encourage you to continue to further your experiences with self study.  At the end of each technique below you will see the publication information.  These may be a great place for you to start.

Alpha Association Exercise
Cording Removal
Creating White Light
Dream Interpretation
Feeling Energy in Your Finger
Feeling Energy in Your Body Parts
Finding the Gift
Grounding Technique
Increasing Self Trust
Mudra set for balancing energy
Running Energy
Triple Warmer Spleen Hug
Water Method of Cleansing Chakras
Wayne Cook Posture

Mudra set for Balancing Energy (This set is a simplified version of a Kundalini yoga exercise.)
This is a simple way of balancing your energy that you can do discretely anywhere anytime. Alternately touch the tips of each finger with the tip of your thumb. Keep each connected for a few seconds or longer and do for a few minutes total. Do this with both hands simultaneously.  The hand positions have the following effects:

Thumb touches tip of index finger  Makes one calmer and more concentrated.  moves energy to lower body.
Thumb touches tip of middle finger  Fosters patience.
Thumb touches tip of ring finger  Energy, stability and self-confidence.
Thumb touches tip of pinky finger  Intuition and feeling.

Mudra set referenced from

Water Method of Cleansing Chakras (practiced in the shower)
Hold your left hand at the base of your spine, and with your right hand three or four inches above the skin feel for your first chakra.  Spin the chakra counterclockwise (imagine that your body is the face of the clock) three or four times, rotating your fingertips in a circle.  Rinse your fingers in the water.  This eliminates the sludge and toxins that adhere to the walls of the chakra.  Repeat for all seven chakras, making sure to rinse your fingers thoroughly in between.  Try to sense the dense energy-like cotton candy-on the chakras.  Now go back to your first chakra, spinning it clockwise three or four times.  Repeat for all seven chakras.  This exercise increases the speed of the chakras, allowing each energy vortex to spin at its optimal frequency.  A clean chakra is able to draw in natural energy to replenish the reserves in the luminous energy field and keep us in exceptional health.

Copied from Shaman, Healer, Sage  By Alberto Villoldo


Triple Warmer Spleen Hug  (time-about a minute)
This comforting position simultaneously calms triple warmer while energizing spleen meridian.  Use it anytime you are upset or need comfort:

  1. Wrap your left hand around your right arm, just above the elbow.
    2.  Wrap your right arm around the left side of your body, underneath your breast/chest
    3.  Hold this position for at least three deep breaths.
    4.  Reverse sides.

Copied from Energy Medicine   By Donna Eden


Dream Interpretation
When interpreting dreams, it is important to recall all the nouns that you can. Once you have the nouns, jot them down on paper. Next, pretend that you are a guide to an alien from another planet. Your job is to teach the alien what these nouns represent. Remember that they don’t know anything about planet earth so stick to very basic words to help them understand these earth things. Remember to keep the definitions you give the alien generic. The definitions have nothing to do with your dream right now. There is no right or wrong. Example: Airplane is a vehicle of rapid transportation. For someone else it may mean to fly.
Next, take the nouns and their definitions and use your intuition to apply them to your dream. Keep in mind that the nouns your dreams use to communicate will not be as important as you think. You subconscious will reach for the most recent noun that has impacted your conscious mind with the same meaning that it needs. If my mind needs to show that you are moving forward in life it will use a vehicle of sorts.  My usual go to noun for moving forward was a car. After my cruise a few years ago I woke up from dreams about being on a boat because it was now the vehicle with the most impact in my conscious mind.
Some of the most basic dream symbols that will not be as obvious are Water is life, Food is knowledge, Babies are change/or something new, School is life lesson, new information, or something you need to learn, and so on. Physical love in a dream normally represents the need for love, attention, affection more often for yourself than for the person you are with.  If you are neglecting yourself you will dream of a love that can not be reached or self gratification that can not be achieved.  If you fear life or intimacy you may dream over and over that you can not get to the person who is the love interest in the dream. You can always look up on the Internet other dream symbols just to help you with the interpretation.
The truth of the dream is always more personal and complete if you allow yourself to see the simplistic meaning of the symbol to you.  Dreams are a function of you trying to communicate with yourself.  Rely on the simplest parts of you and do not over read activity into a dream.  Stop labeling good or bad, black or white representation of a symbol.
An important factor to remember as well is that all the characters of the dream are a function of you.  If you dream you spouse is getting on your nerves then you are probably bothering yourself with a characteristic they possess or you do not possess.  If you dream that your friend is afraid of bugs and wants you to kill them then something is probably bugging you that you are not willing to confront.
Have fun with this.  Do not take your dreams too seriously.  They are the gentle prodding of your soul trying to communicate what you are not aware of or dealing with in your waking hours.

Summarized from A Return to Self  By Christine Contini


Grounding Technique
First, sit upright in a chair in an open body position.  By “open body” I mean avoid crossing any part of your body, such as ankles, legs, arms, or hands.  This position helps your body relax and encourages your energy to flow.  Now, remove your shoes (socks are okay), and place your feet flat on the floor, or on a pillow on the floor.
As you sit comfortably, close your eyes, breathe normally, and become aware of your body.  Feel the weight of your body against the chair.  Let the chair support you as you focus your attention on your hips and the back of your legs against the chair.  Feel your feet against the floor.  Continue this body awareness process as you take nice deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling a minimum of three times, relaxing deeper with each breath.
As much as possible don’t think about this, just visualize or imagine what you are doing, let it be effortless.  Form follows thought.  All you have to do is think it, and before the thought is complete, it’s done on an energy level.
Now that you are relaxed and aware, imagine (visualize) a cord (or pole, string, rope, wire, chain, beam of light, tree or whatever appears in your mind’s eye) of energy flowing from your 1st chakra (located at the base of your spine if you’re a man, or between your ovaries if you’re a woman) all the way into the deep center of the earth.  This is your grounding cord.  Attach your grounding cord to the center of the earth by whatever means you can think of: wrapping the cord around the earth’s center, using a giant magnet, or dropping anchor and hooking it on the earth’s center.  Use your imagination.  There are no rights or wrongs.  But I do recommend that you make your grounding cord as big as you want.  A tiny, whispery thin grounding cord isn’t going to do much good in times of stress.
That’s it!  You’re grounded!  Take a moment to practice.  please visualize pulling your grounding cord up, notice any difference and then ground again.  Repeat several times.
Visualize your grounding cord extending from the base of your spine and anchoring into the earth.  Bring yourself into “present time.”  Focus only on the here and now, not letting your thoughts wander to events in the past or to possible future happenings.  Stay in the present.  You may be surprised to discover how challenging that can be at first, but keep practicing.  Remember, the only way we can manifest on this physical planet is by being in the here and now!  The past is done.

Summarized from The ABC’s of Chakra Therapy   By Deedre Diemer


Wayne Cook Posture  (time-about 90 seconds)
A good time to use the Wayne Cook Posture is when you are overwhelmed or hysterical, cannot get clarity on a situation, cannot concentrate, must confront someone, or are upset after someone has confronted you.  This procedure is named to honor Wayne Cook, a pioneering researcher of bioenergetic force fields, who invented the approach that has been modified into the form presented here.  Perhaps more than any other single approach, the Wayne Cook Posture can calm you, bring order to your thinking, and help you better understand and confront the problems you face.
This technique is effective even when the upset is so intense that you are unable to quit crying, are finding yourself snapping or yelling at others, are sinking into despair, or are feeling that you are beyond exhaustion.  It helps process stress hormones.  Almost immediately, you will begin to feel less crazy and less overwhelmed.
To do the Wayne Cook Posture:
1.  Sitting in a chair with your spine straight, place your right foot over your left knee.  Wrap you left hand around the front of your right ankle and your right hand over the ball of your right foot, with your fingers curled around the side of the right foot.
2.  Breathe in slowly through your nose, letting the breath lift your body as you breathe in.  At the same time, pull your leg toward you, creating a stretch.  As you exhale, breath out of your mouth slowly, letting your body relax.  Repeat this slow breathing and stretching four or five times.
3.  Switch to the other foot.  Place your left foot over your right knee.  Wrap your right hand around the front of your left ankle and your left hand over the ball of your left foot, with you fingers curled around the side of your left foot.  Use the same breathing.
4.  Uncross your legs and “steeple” your fingertips together so they form a pyramid.  Bring your thumbs to rest on your “third eye,” just above the bridge of your nose.  Breathe slowly and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, about three or four full breaths.
5.  On the last exhalation, curl your fingers into the middle of your forehead and separate them, firmly and pleasantly, pulling across your forehead to your temples.
6.  Slowly bring your hands down in front of you.  Surrender into your own breathing.

Copied from Energy Medicine   By Donna Eden


Increasing Self Trust  (suggestion: use a deck whose decorative coloring is neither red nor black)
This is a very simple exercise but can become impossible if you let it.
First relax your mind and your body.
Have face down in front of you a single red card and a single black card.  I suggest that you start with the 10 of each color because there is more dye with the larger number.  Suit does not matter.
Place your hand about an inch off the first card and pay attention to any changes in the feeling of your hand.  Do not try to decide if you are hovering over a red or black card.  After a moment of this experience move on to the next card, again just feeling the energy as it changes in your hand.
After you are comfortable that you can sense the change between the two cards turn them over and see which color belongs to which feeling.  Turn the cards back over and see if after knowing the color is the feeling the same.  Tune in to the feeling and not the thought of your conscious mind.
Next turn the cards over and mix them up.  See if you can sense which color the card is and turn them over to confirm.
*Hint.  If you do not sense a change in the colors try using your other hand or changing your card selection.

Variation one:  take the deck of cards, see if you can sense the color in a series face down.
Remove all the face cards from a deck and shuffle the cards.
Place a row of 5 cards in front of you.  Clear from your mind the idea that there must be some balance in percentage between red and black (accept that they could all be one color).
After you have held your hand over each card start to identify the cards that have a similar feeling.  Turn these cards over and recognize their relationship to each other.  Some may be the same color, suit, number, etc.
Over time you will develop a sensitivity that you were previously unaware of.

Variation two:   develop ability to feel difference between intuitive thought and conscious thought.
Place a deck of cards in a non-conspicuous location that you pass several times a day such as a shelf near your entry way or a bathroom counter.  Place the cards in such a way that they do not catch your sight as you pass by but are easy to access.
When you pass by and a color pops into your head pick up the first card and see if it coincides with the color you had thought of.
Hint.  If you become aware of the challenge before you become aware of the color more often than not you are in a state of conscious rather than intuitive thought.

Copied from A Return to Self  By Christine Contini


Finding the Gift
Finding the Gift is useful when looking back on past hurtful events. It is a way to step outside of the event to bring benefit to yourself with a clearer understanding of the purpose of the lesson you brought into your life. It can be difficult to go thru, but once you have you will be amazed at the release and the joy that replaces the hurt feeling and the bad memory. Particularly painful events are best done with the help of myself, a counselor you trust, or a best friend who gets it and can be really honest with you.
1. Own– the event or memory. No matter what happens in life you have a level of responsibility. Even if you see yourself as the victim in a situation there is part of you that has chosen that and seeing the truth will set you free of any burdens the event or memory dredge up.
2. Gift– look for the gift that is hidden in the experience. What was the lesson, how are you stronger? If you can’t find a gift ask why? What are you denying yourself out of anger or pain…there is always a gift you must allow yourself to see it.
3. Amends– if there are some to be made to make you whole, make them without expecting anything in return from the offended party. Sometimes making the amends in prayer is all that is necessary to release the pain for all involved.
4. Share– what you have learned and how it will benefit your life. Show the joy and love that has been created once you understand.

Copied from A Return to Self  By Christine Contini


We are going to take some of the major changes in your life and by reframing them with the new found information  have a better understanding of how to handle future situations, to avoid repetitive energy blocks by being aware, and move in the direction the energy is trying to take us with a new found feeling and support of our own true free will.
It is possible to reframe a loss or ending that seemed bad, neutral, or even good to find the true benefit for your life.
1. Think about response and view of the event  It is important here to be independent of the event during this step.  Often we give others the compassion and understanding that we lack for ourselves.  This is a good way to identify from a distance the true meaning of what was happening, by stepping outside of the personal box.
2.  Consider response with new knowledge gained from Finding the Gift.  Prior to finding the gift in a situation it is often blocked with words that have negative connotation such as fear, guilt, shame, regret.  Once you have found the gift in a given situation you can release yourself from these emotions and re-examine the event for it’s truth.  During the course of this process it is beneficial for some to play in detail the event and reframe it in the light of the new discoveries, the new benefits.
3.  Write down old and new views of experiences.  You may choose to write the old version prior to starting the reframing process.  Now compare the two views.  Take pride in your new understanding of what life is, how each step even though painful, has brought you to a place of greatness.           Understanding that everything is completely necessary to experience, that it is a blessing.  How we receive the blessing is where we often create our energy blocks.
Now, comparing the old and new versions, is there anything that needs to be done to complete what it was that you were trying to accomplish?

Copied from  A Return to Self  By Christine Contini


Cording Removal
Please remember there are no victims here.  A cord cannot be forced upon you.  You cannot receive a cord from someone unless on some level you’re willing to do so.  So, the questions you ask yourself when you’ve been corded are: Do I want to keep this cord?  If I don’t want this cord, how did I participate in letting it in?  What “picture/memory” did it come in on?

Removing cords
        You can see, visualize ,sense, or feel cords in the aura and chakras by slowly moving your hands along your chakras.  As you scan your energy field, you may notice a difference in temperature, hot or cold, sense a thickening of the energy, feel a pulsing in your hand or bear in your hand, or you nay just have a hunch that you have been corded.  These are all indications of an energy block or of a cord blocking your energy.  Listen to yourself, you will develop your own set of signals indicating where the imbalance is.
A cord can be big, small, thick, wispy, easy or difficult to remove.  There are not set rules.  However the best guideline is to be gentle when removing cords, as you don’t want to tear a hole in your aura or chakra.  Most cords will slide right out.  Begin by locating the cord. Put your hand where you believe the cord is located.  Imagine (visualize) the cord, and starting at your skin, gently twist the cord and throw it away, sending the energy back to its owner.  Place your hand over the previously corded area and visualize filling it with cosmic gold energy to soothe and heal it.
If a cord seems stubborn, ask the cord who owns it, or mentally follow it out from the aura until you see, visualize, sense, or feel the person who sent it to you.  When you’ve traced the cord back to its owner, thank him or her for the interest, and communicate that you do not want to be corded.  If he or she wants to relate to you, tell him or her to do so on a conscious, physical plane instead of on the astral plane.

Copied from The ABC’s of Chakra Therapy   By Deedre Diemer


Feeling Energy in Your Finger
Hold a finger in the air and spend about two minutes or more feeling as much sensation in your finger as you can.  Tune into the sensation in your finger and focus on intensifying your awareness.
Feel how the skin wraps around your finger.  See if you can feel the blood as it moves through your finger.  Use your imagination and see if you can feel how your fingernail sits on your finger.  Try to feel sensation under your fingernail.  The key is to use your focused attention to feel your finger completely.
*Remember energy follows thought.

Summarized from  Quantum Touch the Power to Heal  By Richard Gordon


Feeling Energy in Your Body Parts
Touch the bottom of your bare feet.  Feel the sensation that occurs when you stroke with a single finger (or a toe from the opposite foot) the bottom of a single foot.
Note: If done lightly enough you may be aware of a sensation that will continue up your leg as you stroke the surface of your foot.
You can choose a second location such as your forearm or your abdomen, again stoke gently with a single finger or even a feather to keep the touch even lighter.
After paying close attention to the sensations created by the light touch, try to recreate the movement of energy without touching the skin.

Adapted from Quantum Touch the Power to Heal  By Richard Gordon


Creating White Light
If you have trouble visualizing a pure, bright light, try this simple exercise:  Light a candle and stare at the flame.  Focus on the hottest part of the flame, closest to the bas of the wick.  Now shift your gaze from the flame to a blank wall and imagine you can see the flame as a spot on that wall.  Look back at the candle and concentrate again on the flame; then turn to the wall and imagine the same spot of brightness.  Repeat this exercise until you can see a bright white spot on the wall.  When you are comfortable visualizing this small spot of Light, begin to visualize it growing bigger.  There is not need to try to increase the brightness as you make the light larger.

Copied from When Ghosts Speak   By Mary Ann Winkowski


Running Energy
         Step 1: Running earth energy
Visualize your grounding cord.  Bring your awareness into the present time and locate the center of your head
Ask your feet and hand chakras to adjust to a size that is comfortable.  You don’t have to think about it, the chakras know what size to adjust to.
Imagine the light brown energy of Earth being drawn up through your feet chakras, calves, knees, lower and upper thighs, 1st chakra, down your grounding cord (so the path looks like an inverted U).
Take a few minutes to run Earth energy through the lower half of your body.  Let the energy of Earth stimulate and release any blocked energies.  Let yourself be aware of any different sensations you may experience.  After a minute or two you can stop running Earth energy by just telling your energy to resume its normal flow.
         Step 2: Running cosmic energy
Visualize your grounding cord.  Bring you awareness into present time and locate the center of your head.
Ask your crown (7th) chakra to open to a comfortable size and trust that it will do it.
Imagine gold cosmic energy being pulled down through the top of your crown, entering your 7th chakra and traveling all the way down the back of your spine, through all the chakras until you reach the 1st chakra.  Let the energy flow up the front of your spine and exit out the top of your head.
Take some time to run this Cosmic energy throughout your system, letting the gold energy flush out any blocked energies that can be released.  You may notice as you run this kind of energy, that you feel lighter, that perhaps it’s more challenging to keep your grounding cord in place, or that you may have a tendency to sway your body side to side.  Just be aware of it, and when you’re ready, stop running Cosmic energy by asking your energy to return to normal.

Summarized from The ABC’s of Chakra Therapy   By Deedre Diemer


Alpha Association Exercise
Sit in a comfortable position so that you are reasonably relaxed. Remember, relaxing slows down your brain to an Alpha level.
2. Focus on an object or person. If the object or person is in front of you, then you look at the target without paying attention to details. You simply take in the overall image without focusing on a specific part of the target. Remember you are not looking for information with your eyes. Some people prefer to close their eyes during this part but that is a matter of personal preference. You can even hold an object in your hand to practice associating. When you Alpha associate while holding or touching something it is called “psychometry.”
3. Allow thoughts, words, pictures, etc. to come to mind without censoring them. Do not decide which thoughts are Empathic and which ones are not. If you do that, then you are censoring and that impedes the process. Just let whatever pops into your mind to come forward. The skill of Alpha associating develops by actually speaking the associations out loud or by writing them down. To keep from being slowed down you might want to use a tape recorder or have someone write your associations down.
4. The “knack” or skill comes by catching the very first impressions, the more immediate the associations the better. Any time spent on analyzing or judging the associations cuts off the Alpha message. Receiving and interpreting Empathic information are two different functions. For the beginner it is very difficult to perform these two functions at the same time. For the sake of practice, do your receiving and your interpreting separately. Do not strain to “get” information. Empathic information is immediate. It’s already there. Your only work is to retrieve it.
5. Do not spend too long on any one target. Do your focusing and associating for a period of five to ten minutes at the very most.
6. After you are done associating then review your list of impressions. It is at this point that you can evaluate or analyze the information for content. If there is no Empathic content then do not worry, the purpose of the exercise is to develop the skill of Alpha associating. When there is a Empathic message that needs to come through then this skill will be invaluable.

Copied from The Book of Storms by Jad Alexander