Chakra Energy Centers

First – Root Chakra (Sanskrit Muladhara)

ROOT CHAKRA is focused on our survival needs. The basics like food, shelter, and clothing as well as our need for community, relationships, and legacy. Physical function, physical sensation of pain or pleasure, automatic and autonomic functioning of body. Those who have problems in the lower extremities tend to be anxious, flighty or a bit “spacey” and not grounded. They often seem disconnected, in varying degrees, from what is taking place in the moment and move back and forth between expressions of fear or exaggerated bravery. They tend to have worry about survival, have problems with following rules, and are “territorial” in context to family, friends, and personal property. They also have great difficulty with expectations that are given them by tribal authorities.

  • Location: 2-3 inches below anal area
  • Color: red
  • Organs: Testes, kidneys, spine
  • Physical Dysfunctions: all feet, ankle, toe, and hip problems, sciatica pain, varicose veins, rectal tumors, polyps, immune disorders
  • Gland and Regulates: Reproductive glands (testes in men; ovaries in women); controls sexual development and secretes sex hormones.
  • Mental and Emotional Issues: physical well-being (food, clothing, housing) physical survival, financial corners, fear of death, clan (family of origin and extended family) tribal rules (religious and cultural) tribal expectations, preserving and protecting tribe, territorialism, group violence, wars with other clans, lack of support, feeling ungrounded, unsteady
  • Spiritual Lesson: SELF-PRESERVATION

Second – Sacral  Chakra (Sanskrit Svadhishthana)

SACRAL CHAKRA is focused on our creativity, emotions, sexuality, and play. We use this chakra to balance energy exchanges, including partnerships, money, fun, and responsibility. Individuals who experience problems in the sacral area tend to be emotionally tied to guilt, blame, and shame. Too much or too little control in relationships also resonates in this energy center. Money issues are encased in this energy center as well as personal boundaries, sexuality and sensuality, and creative energy.

  • Location: space between the pubic bone, navel, and lower abdomen
  • Color: orange
  • Organs: Bladder, prostate, ovaries, kidneys, gall bladder, bowel, spleen
  • Physical Dysfunctions: chronic lower back pain, male/female problems, constipation/diarrhea, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, skin eruptions, large and small intestine
  • Gland and Regulates: Adrenal glands; regulates the immune system and metabolism.
  • Mental and Emotional Issues: blame, guilt, justice, money, safety, need to control relationships, one-on-one relationship ethics, sexuality, sensuality, regrets, shame, longing/desires, personal individuation
  • Spiritual Lesson: SELF-CREATION

Third – Solar Plexus Chakra (Sanskrit Manipura)

SOLAR PLEXUS is focused on self identity, who we are, how we present ourselves to the world. Houses mental life and linear thinking. Problems in the mid torso area are indicative of people who have a difficult time holding onto a strong sense of SELF. They often confuse self-confidence with self-esteem, and have a hard time deciding whether to act assertively, aggressively, or passively. They are normally not good at “holding their own” in circumstances that are out of their comfort zone, and they confuse aggression with assertiveness.

  • Location: 2 inches above the navel area
  • Color: yellow
  • Organs: Intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder, stomach, upper spine
  • Physical Dysfunctions: arthritis, gastric or duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis, diabetes, liver dysfunction, indigestion, hepatitis, adrenal problems, digestive problems, flatulence, bloating
  • Gland and Regulates: Pancreas; regulates metabolism.
  • Mental and Emotional Issues: intellect, self-esteem, self-trust, confidence, self-respect, responsibility, accountability, decisiveness, personal honor, power, ethical behavior, anxiety, nervousness, courage
  • Spiritual Lesson: SELF-EMPOWERMENT

Fourth – Heart Chakra (Sanskrit Anahata)

HEART CHAKRA is focused on love, compassion, generosity, and trust. Center for all human love. People with upper chest cavity difficulties lack a sense of joy and gratitude for life. They also tend to hold onto emotional wounds and have difficulty accepting, dealing, and expressing their emotions. The ability to experience joy or to find the good in every situation, may seem difficult at best, absolutely impossible at worst for these individuals. Heart chakra issues are a huge part of the society we live in today.

  • Location: center of chest cavity
  • Color: green
  • Organs: Heart, lungs
  • Physical Dysfunctions: allergies, all heart related problems, asthma, bronchial problems, circulation, middle and upper ribs, lung problems, all respiratory difficulties, bronchial pneumonia, upper back, shoulders, breast cysts/tumors/cancer, elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel, finger injuries
  • Gland and Regulates: Thymus gland; regulates the immune system.
  • Mental and Emotional Issues: joylessness, love/hate, grief, trust issues, bitterness, meanness, loneliness, acceptance, peace, contentment, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, humor, emotional equilibrium
  • Spiritual Lesson: SELF-LOVE

Fifth – Throat Chakra (Sanskrit Vishuddha)

THROAT CHAKRA centered, well spoken, good sense of timing, the ability to ‘go with the flow’. Action in this chakra is of higher will, more connected with divine, speaking things into being, power of the word, listening and taking responsibility for our actions. Individuals who have problems in the jaw and neck are extremely sensitive to the energies of other people, perhaps a little too sensitive. They can be overly stoic in their personal beliefs and even downright stubborn. When presented with another point of view that feels threatening, they can be critical and judgmental. Often they feel responsible for the emotional happiness of those in their emotional environment, and feel they have right to complain about it. They have a hard time making choices and have a tendency not to utilize their will to create what they want and need. More often than not, they do not recognize or accept their power.

  • Location: area of throat and neck
  • Color: blue
  • Organs: Bronchial tubes, vocal cords, respiratory system, all areas of the mouth, including tongue and esophagus.
  • Physical Dysfunctions: addictions, sore/raspy throat, mouth ulcers, teeth and gum problems, TMJ, thyroid, laryngitis, swollen glands, lips, facial pain or paralysis, tongue, neck injuries, neck pain/problem, upper spine scoliosis
  • Gland and Regulates: Thyroid gland; regulates body temperature and metabolism.
  • Mental and Emotional Issues: emotional and physical addictions, choice, willpower, self-expression, personal honesty, integrity, criticism, judgment, communication skills, stoicism, stubbornness, listening skills, personal honesty, integrity, criticism, judgment, communication shills, stoicism, stubbornness, listening skills
  • Spiritual Lesson: SELF-HONESTY

Sixth – Third Eye Chakra (Sanskrit Ajna)

THIRD EYE CHAKRA or brow chakra is exhibited by an open mind and a sense of ‘knowing’. Celestial love, that extends beyond the human rage of love and encompasses all life. People with symptoms related to the eyes, ears, nose, central nervous system, brain, and forehead tend to mistrust their inner promptings and are often prone to rational, analytical thinking. For these individuals, conscious awareness of what they are feeling feels threatening. Decisions are made spontaneously and often without checking intention. Though intuition comes easily to them, they often use it more in direct response to assist others.

  • Location: between the eyebrows
  • Color: indigo (light purple)
  • Organs: Eyes, pituitary and pineal glands, brain
  • Physical Dysfunctions: neurological disturbances, brain tumor, stroke, seizures, eye problems, blindness, deafness, tinnitus, ear infection/pain, spinal abnormalities, learning disabilities, seizures, headaches, migraines, sinus congestion/infections, hay fever, nose bleeds, nasal congestion, loss of smell
  • Gland and Regulates: Pituitary gland; produces hormones and governs the function of the previous five glands; sometimes, the pineal gland is linked to the third eye chakra as well as to the crown chakra.
  • Mental and Emotional Issues: non-reliance on intuition, difficulties with mental concentration and focus, over/under intelligence, closed-mindedness, mental and emotional instability, overly rational thinking, inability to act out ideas, non-trust in workings of the universe, depression
  • Spiritual Lesson: SELF-AWARENESS

Charka 7 – Crown Chakra (Sanskrit Sahasrara)

CROWN CHAKRA shows our openness to the divine, reflects our feeling of connection to the Universal Conscious Mind or higher, and can indicate our connection as part of the whole. The crown chakra holds a conversion component that allows for a knowingness between the higher self and the integration of spiritual into the physical possession (without this information we can not survive on the earth as we are “in the heavens”).

Generally, those suffering from skeletal problems, muscular difficulties, and many types of skin disorders tend to have a difficult time seeing the “bigger picture” and have a hard time accepting what cannot apparently be changed-oppressive control, advanced aging, victimization of self, loss of attention on a quantum level.

They often feel hopeless, helpless, overwhelmed, depressed, or disappointed. They cannot see suffering as meaningful and divine, a gift that is part of living life as human. They carry the external burden of other’s suffering as their own. They maintain the process of disfunction as a universal condition and feel that there is no choice or ability to change any number of given situations such as poverty, emotional struggle, and physical pain.

  • Location: 3-4 inches above the top of the center of head
  • Color: white or violet
  • Organs: skeletal system, muscular system, skin
  • Gland and Regulates: pineal; regulates biological cycles, including sleep
    Governs: upper brain, spinal cord and brain stem
  • Mental and Emotional Issues: separatism, inability to accept “the overall picture”, disconnection to Higher Power within, over-reacting, unwillingness to believe in something greater than man, disillusionment with life in general, helplessness, hopelessness, chronic mental and emotional exhaustion, spiritual depression, environmental sensitivity, fear of aging
  • Spiritual Lesson: SELFLESSNESS                Divinity (Oneness)


color can be used to reset the chakra