Christine Contini


Intuitive Energy Consultant
Founder of The TOTAL Concept

I once thought of myself as ordinary, even boring. I suffered from a very deep depression spanning my youth from age 15-24. In 2001, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I began working to find a cure for my Multiple Sclerosis. After six years of research, I reached a place within myself to allow healing to occur. In 2008, I had a massive heart attack and a Near Death Experience (NDE). In 2009 I had my second NDE.

My experiences give me a unique perspective on healing. Now, I use the information I received during my NDE to help others with their healing journey. I continue to receive and research an enormous amount of information from both my practice and my intuition. I enjoy teaching and sharing self-healing methods and theory.

Even more than the work itself, I love teaching others to understand and do what I do. Everyone can learn to work with these methods. All it takes is the proper foundation.

Some of Christine’s specialties include Emotional Repair, Pain Release, Surgery Support, Subconscious Sublimation. Her primary methods are working with the Etheric Template, Electromagnetic Field, and Clear Channel Wellness with body, mind, brain, and spirit connections. Her talents include Communication (channel, medium, intuitive), Psychometry, Chakra and Energy Reading and Balancing.

Christine Contini is an Ordained Minister and Receives no financial compensation for the services offered by The TOTAL Concept. All contributions are a donation to further research and development of self-healing methods and application. To learn more about Christine, be sure to go to her website.