Dream Investigation

Interpreting Your Dreams

When interpreting dreams, it is important to recall all the nouns that you can. Once you have the nouns, jot them down on paper. Next, pretend that you are a guide to an alien from another planet. Your job is to teach the alien what these nouns represent. Remember that they don’t know anything about planet earth so stick to very basic words to help them understand these earth things. Remember to keep the definitions you give the alien generic. The definitions have nothing to do with your dream right now. There is no right or wrong.

Example: Airplane is a vehicle of rapid transportation. For someone else it may mean to fly.

Next, take the nouns and their definitions and use your intuition to apply them to your dream. Keep in mind that the nouns your dreams use to communicate will not be as important as you think. Your subconscious will reach for the most recent noun that has impacted your conscious mind with the same meaning that it needs. If my mind needs to show that you are moving forward in life it will use a vehicle of sorts.  My usual go to noun for moving forward was a car. After my cruise a few years ago I woke up from dreams about being on a boat because it was now the vehicle with the most impact in my conscious mind.

Some of the most basic dream symbols that will not be as obvious are:

  • Water is life
  • Food is knowledge
  • Babies are change, rebirth,or something new
  • School is life lesson, new information, or something you need to learn, and so on.
  • Physical love in a dream normally represents the need for love, attention, affection more often for yourself than for the person you are with.
  • If you are neglecting yourself you will dream of a love that can not be reached or self gratification that can not be achieved.
  • If you fear life or intimacy you may dream over and over that you can not get to the person who is the love interest in the dream.

You can always look up on the Internet other dream symbols just to help you with the interpretation. The truth of the dream is always more personal and complete if you allow yourself to see the simplistic meaning of the symbol to you.  Dreams are a function of you trying to communicate with yourself.  Rely on the simplest parts of you and do not over read activity into a dream.  Stop labeling good or bad, black or white representation of a symbol.

An important factor to remember as well is that all the characters of the dream are a function of you. If you dream you spouse is getting on your nerves then you are probably bothering yourself with a characteristic they possess or you do not possess.  If you dream that your friend is afraid of bugs and wants you to kill them then something is probably bugging you that you are not willing to confront.

Have fun with this.  Do not take your dreams too seriously.  They are the gentle prodding of your soul trying to communicate what you are not aware of or dealing with in your waking hours.

Summarized from A Return to Self  By Christine Contini a copyrighted product

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