Energetic Awareness Expansion Program-Practice

This is the “small bits” recorded section for the Hands on Aspect of the Energetic Awareness Expansion Program.  This program meets weekly in person to learn and practice hands on methods of self healing.  (We also do a few crazy fun things)



This next section is about Aura Readings.  We did the exercise in the next video together as a group experiment to see what it would do to our auras. It was truly remarkable what happened in the readings after we all did this exercise as a group.

Notice these red readings below?  They are the results of the group reading following the above exercise.  There was actually one more red one like this that didn’t get saved.

Aura photo redAura photo otherThe aura readings above were taken at the same time.  The 1st is from a person in the same group as the red ones who we did a “healing process” on last week.  The 2nd was taken of someone who did not do the alignment exercise with the group. The 3rd was taken of Christine (instructor) within 10 minutes of the red one above. Watch the video below for the whole story.

Supta Baddha Konasana

(this is in Sanskrit) translates to Reclining Bound Angle Pose – also known as laying goddess (or god) pose.  Use this in conjunction with the exercise-Release Blocks in Hip and Root Chakra

In this photo (courtesy of Selenite Yoga) I am showing the restorative yoga with props version of this posture. This pose can be done without the suptabaddhaprops – in that case it focuses more on grounding, hip opening, root chakra, and feeling emotions by keeping the FULL spine connected to the Earth.
Props needed for this posture – Bolster, two blocks, and two blankets.
How to get into this pose –
1. Sit in Baddha Konasana (butterfly pose) with the soles of the feet coming to touch and knees splaying out to the sides of the body. Use the blocks to support your inner groin – placing them just under the knees.
2. Place one blanket to cover the body of the bolster (creates more softness – more safety) and fold another blanket so that when you lie back – with the base of your spine on the bolster – your neck is gently supported. This will also create space for your shoulders to gently draw away from the ears – creating space in the heart.

Breathing in this posture

Breath into the chest and expand the ENTIRE lung space naturally in and out through the nose. Inhaling for 3 counts and exhaling for 3 counts. Never straining the breath.

How is this pose therapeutic?

Stress, PMS, Depression, Anxiety, Digestion, Menopause, Anxiety.

Physical benefits?

Regulates blood pressure, soothes digestive system, improves blood circulation through ovary area (and other abdominal muscles such as prostate and bladder), relieves sciatica, softens hips/groin, relieves anxiety, opens heart/chest, opens front of body, calms nervous system, stretches inner thighs,
Main chakras opened/balanced here – ROOT (first chakra) and HEART (fourth chakra)


is focused on our survival needs. The basics like food, shelter, and clothing as well as our need for community, relationships, and legacy. Physical function, physical sensation of pain or pleasure, automatic and autonomic functioning of body. Those who have problems in the lower extremities tend to be anxious, flighty or a bit “spacey” and not grounded. Spiritual Lesson: SELF-PRESERVATION
Foundation (Grounded)


is focused on love, compassion, generosity, and trust. Center for all human love. People with upper chest cavity difficulties lack a sense of joy and gratitude for life. They also tend to hold onto emotional wounds and have difficulty accepting, dealing, and expressing their emotions.  Spiritual Lesson: SELF-LOVE

How long to hold this pose?

2 minutes to 30 minutes.


Basic Cording removal

Cords are accepted freely by us. You cannot receive a cord from someone unless on some level you’re willing to do so. There are no victims and a cord cannot be forced upon you.   Questions to ask yourself when you’ve been corded are:

  • Do I want to keep this cord?  
  • If I don’t want this cord, how did I participate in letting it in?  
  • What “snap shot/memory” did the cord come in on?

Removing cords
You can see, visualize ,sense, or feel cords in the physical body, aura, and chakras by slowly moving your hands about 1-2 inches off of your body.  As you search, you may notice a difference in temperature, hot or cold, sense a thickening of the energy, feel a pulsing in your hand, or you may intuit a cord by crossing the memory or snap shot associated with it.  These are all indications of an energy block or of a cord blocking your energy.  Pay attention to you, you will develop your own set of signals indicating where the imbalance is.

There are not set rules to how a cord should feel.  Allow your imagination to give you what it feels and looks like. I suggest being gentle when removing cords, as you don’t want to “tear a hole” in your aura or chakra. Begin by locating the cord. Put your hand where you believe the cord is located.  Imagine (visualize) the cord, and starting at the inside of your body, gently push the cord out releasing it back to it’s owner with gratitude and love.  Place your hand over the previously corded area and visualize filling it with a substance of your choosing, one that makes the space feel better, whole, alive again.

If a cord seems stubborn or resistant and you still want it removed, ask the cord who owns it, or mentally follow it out from the body until you see, visualize, sense, or feel the person who sent it is connected to.  When you’ve traced the cord back to its owner, thank him or her for the interest, and communicate that you do not want to be corded.  You can tell the person if they want to communicate with you they can do it in the physical because you do not want this energetic connection at this time.

workbookRetro Cording Videos2 part video section on cording, what it is, how to undo them step by step.


Some of you may find this quick chat about removing shield blocks from the body useful.