Facts About Death and the Other Side


Lecture Outline:

I have experienced three deaths:

  1. A massive heart attack. You can find the details of my first death in Death: Awakening to Life, Seeds Planted.
  2. Cardiac arrest during a medical test. My second death will be covered in detail in Book 2 of the Death: Awakening to Life series
  3. I met the Angel of Death. My third death will be covered in detail in Book 3 of the Death: Awakening to Life series

How I define the natural process of life from my experiential research:

Purpose: Simply to be here. Nothing more.
Incarnation and Birth: Observation, contracts, and agreements. Application of free will while referencing greater will. People often confuse purpose with greater will.
Life: Once in a body, greater will is translated from a macrocosm to a microcosm through your planetary soul, the Soul Manifold.
Growth: Adjustment of greater will to environment, knowledge, knowing, understand, understanding.
I AM: the I AM in which we are all one and the experience is understood completely from a place of embodiment.
I BECOME: A closed energetic system that opens your awareness directly to divinity.
I AM BECOMING: This is where life passes before our eyes and there is a complete understanding.
I BECAME: Gift process, Return to light.


I have witnessed hundreds of deaths. Even though every death process is unique, they all have one thing in common:

Death is not the end. It is always a beginning.


What does death look like to the dying?

We are without a finite answer to this. Not because we don’t know, but because there is no inherent value to death. Simply stated, death has the value that the dying assign it.

What happens when we enter the death process?

When a person dies they separate into parts—parts that leave Earth and parts that stay.
Some parts that leave are:
Heart: the heart is the master template, a bizarre combination of intricate details. It carries the spark of divinity. Honesty or more accurate in today’s terms is virtue.
Mind: the aggregated design.
Being: the lifestyle of this individual.
Identity: it is what is created when the mind and being combined to use energy as one.

Some parts that stay are:
Essence: Particles that continue to hold the connection of the heart and soul energy once created. The basic, real, and invariable nature of a person’s significant individual features. Recognized intuitively by others.
Personality or Individual Fabric: The energy of action, created in the second chakra that is obviously the individual. Recognized physically by others through feeling.
Crunch: The crunch is the force, the open will without a body stopping it. It is controlled by the identity. It is what you feel as the individual still in your space after they have passed. The crunch will eventually leave without a body to attach to.
High Sector: Similar to the Higher-Self, fully connected to the I AM and Universal Conscious Mind, it is the full compilation of your entire existence from a state of awareness without delusion or pain. It is left to alleviate the distortion that resonated during the person’s existence. The high sector returns to the ether once the person’s departure is completed.

A Supported Death

  • In a supported death, everything is worked out during the life.
  • The dying move in and out of body between this experience and the next, just like during incarnation.
  • Rate of acceleration, angle of 75 degrees for death.
  • Natural expectation, conscious thoughts remain with Earth experience.
  • There is a release of the soul manifold. They dying return to light.

An Unsupported Death

  • Distortion forces a release of connection and the dying are unable to return to pure awareness.
  • An individual experiences an energetic storm.
  • The layers crunch and high sector are created.
  • Anticipation from both the dying and the living.
  • Fear is experienced as the absence of light.
  • Release of soul manifold occurs after death.

How Desire and Grief Impact the Dying

  • We tend to mourn the living before they have actually passed.
  • A person with a skewed balance, too selfless, or too selfish will be impacted.

Support We Control

To help someone who is passing, ask them what their value, perception, or experience is with death. Giving them a space to freely communicate helps them release things that are not supportive of their process.

Releasing the blocks in the individual body can help them communicate with the other side. Focus on:

  • Shared happiness or good memories.
  • The release of all negative aspects of ego like guilt, blame, shame, and self-victimization.

If you have experience with energy work you can:

  • Energy Healing, the most common is Reiki
  • Visualization pulled through the body’s senses
  • White light support
  • Keilation to clear stored issues in limbs
  • Change or adjust the rigidity of the cell membrane
  • Clear Channel Alignment

The Transition

Some factors that impact the speed and completion of the dying’s transition:

  • Planetary density versus light content.
  • The retrieval of habitual energetic patterns after their release.
  • The dedication of a soul manifold instead of its release.
  • Inability to release the fabric due to storm activity.
  • Crunch and high sector development and release.
  • The release of gifts.
  • Positioning or achieving a state of readiness for the next destination.
  • Travel distance to the next location.

Transition Destinations

  • Transportation
  • Holon Chamber
  • Education
  • Libertarian
  • Divinity
  • NDE -The Void
  • Other realms (Heaven) and dimensions (timeline)

The Work

  • Well rounded; need body, mind, spirit growth.
  • Strong conscious mind to pull information.
  • Experience with telepathy, all kinds.
  • Heightened awareness to the feeling of energy.
  • Experience as a witness. Desire nothing. The more invested you are, the less information you can get.


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