Four Part STUDY Exit Interview

I want to thank each and every one of you personally for your participation in The TOTAL Concept STUDY, Concept 2016, Opening the Door. We learned several important things from you as a group regarding the process of self healing. No matter the level of your participation, your energetic connection to the STUDY and it’s participants has had an impact on the outcome of the information.

Some of the important factors we learned from this group:

  • retention and activation of practices based on pace of assimilation
  • level of details necessary to create confidence in an individual
  • knowledge and inspiration, what balance brings about change
  • impact of group connection even when not participating directly
  • impact on the subconscious when there is awareness without action
  • bringing participants to a place of embodiment

Some of the things created because of your participation:

  • greater understanding of how dark and light energy separate from selfish and selfless after created. Because of this understanding we are now capable of purposely going into the body to find the “dark” and “light” blocks and have an active and teachable method of moving these energies back to balance on purpose!
  • multiple methods for trauma relief without the need to relive the trauma
  • we now have verbiage to communicate the energetics of identity issues, the subconscious battle to meet the conscious needs, and how control pieces fit together forcing blocks even when not in the best interest of the person involved

Part 1—A Few Questions

Answer as much or as little as you would like. It is appreciated if you complete the questions in detail. Your answers help us understand your experience with this work and will help us when presenting the information to medical institutions. Thank you.

Part II—Questions for Video Selfie Exit Interview:

If you choose to do your own exit video here are the questions to use. We are happy to do a professional recording with you if you let us know you are available for one.

  1. What level of participation did you have-max, moderate, mild?
  2. Do you feel happy, content, with your level of participation?
  3. Did you notice synchronicity in your life following the lessons?
  4. Did you find yourself applying the STUDY information to your life?
  5. Would you participate in the next one?
  6. What were your most and least favorite parts?
  7. Anything else you would like to share?
  8. We believe the STUDY is life changing. if you received a life change of any kind during the STUDY please share even if it does not seem relevant to the STUDY work.

Part III—Future Participation

Part IV—Basic Assessment

Remember the Basic Assessment you started the STUDY with? We would like you to repeat it. Basic Assessment Link