Grounding: Raising Whole Kids

Grounding upon waking, before events, during a feeling of discomfort, and at bedtime is helpful.


Grounding helps connect the power of your mind to the strength of Earth.

Practice: One method of grounding is visualization. Begin by feeling how your roots are connected to the earth.

  • Feel yourself as a tree, your bare feet on the ground.
  • Feel your roots as the stem from your feet into Earth. Use this feeling to visualize your process. Notice the color of your root system and how your roots spread below the ground’s surface.
  • Now dig deeper with them. Drive a long, thick taproot into the core of Earth.
  • Tie this root around Earth’s core. Anchor yourself to the center of Earth.
  • Take a few deep breaths. Feel your anchor and tighten it around Earth’s core so that you are firmly connected to the ground on which you stand.

You are now grounded to Earth.

Practice Variation: While grounded, imagine the branches of your tree. Balance between the strength of the branches and the stability of your root system. With your breath feel the entire stratosphere around the earth. Feel your connection to life and power as you are united with Earth and Sky.

Purpose: Grounding supplies a stable energy source to the physical body.


For a complete method, combine Grounding, the 4-2-8 Breathwork, and Meditation for Monkey Mind