Raising Whole Kids in a Fractured World

Kids today have broken society’s mold. They struggle with communication and crumble under stress. These vibrant humanitarians, our children, strive to express things so profound and consuming that they cannot be ignored. Raising whole children is a challenge.  

Because they tend to have the entire story before the end of the first breath, following our socialized beliefs and behaviors can cause a trauma response. This reaction in an intuitive child will send them into fight, flight, or freeze. Helping them learn some tools and techniques for these fight, flight, or freeze experiences can be the life change they need.

Practice some of these methods with your child. In a moment of need, they will be able to integrate more of the body, mind, brain, energetic, and spirit connection they are used to so they can remain whole in our fractured world.

Connection: Raising Whole Kids

Release: Raising Whole Kids

Rescue Methods: Raising Whole Kids

Grounding: Raising Whole Kids

Conceptual: Raising Whole Kids

Mental: Raising Whole Kids

Depression: Raising Whole Kids

Light: Raising Whole Kids

Body Movement: Raising Whole Kids

Breath: Raising Whole Kids

Experiential: Raising Whole Kids