All services are offered as a donation to fund Wellness Programs.  Value is listed for your convenience.

Light Work Private Session

This light tool helps manage  stress, maintain personal balance, release fear, anxiety, and cope when life is overwhelming.  It can be utilized prior to or after surgery, an  important job interview, giving bad news, heart break, panic attacks, heart arrhythmia, and more.

Donation  $45 for 10 min

Chakra Analysis or Reading

Analysis of physical symptoms.  In person and/or  Email

Donation $250

Personal Chakra Reading

This Reading provides you with directional movement of the seven Primary Chakra Energy Centers, detailed explanation of each Chakra’s movement and relationship to the body as a whole.  Includes reference material.  This Reading  is only available in person.  Max 30 minutes

Donation $100

Pain Management

If the body has experienced trauma such as a bone break or injury that just doesn’t seem to heal properly, consult with Christine Contini.  Her ability to find the “ROOT” of  injury or illness is uncanny.  Once she identifies the ROOT and the body is prepared to let it go the pain vanishes

Donation $350

Intuitive Chakra Reading

For Root Issue determination – This Analysis identifies the root cause, advises practices to release the blocks, identifies emotional issues that need to be dealt with, and more

Donation $250

Spirit Conversation

Different than a psychic reading, a Spirit Conversation is your own personal soul and higher self speaking up.  A Spirit conversation is used to receive valuable information that the body and mind are not aware of due to a break in the flow of communication. Email Only

Donation $125