Services FAQ

What does All-Group-Access mean?

On our Calendar of Events, we offer All-Group-Access listings.  Simply put, All-Group-Access Classes are included in your membership at no additional charge.  You can attend as many of these as you want and pay nothing out of pocket.

How many classes/events may I attend as a Member?

You can attend every event on the calendar!  There is no limit to your participation.  In fact, we encourage you to attend as many events as possible to increase your knowledge and understanding, to find out what interests you and brings benefit to your life, and to create exposure to things you didn’t even know were possible.

How often do you host classes?

Classes are scheduled all month long.  Take a look at our calendar.  At the time of application, we ask you for your greatest availability of time.  When scheduling classes, our practitioners use this information to provide you with the most effective match possible.  It is through your participation that we design our classes, events, and workshops to suit your needs and availability.

Our providers host a minimum of 12 events per month.  We easily fill this and more.  As a member, you may request events of interest to you.  If you want to learn about a specific subject, simply request it by email and we will do our best to provide what you need.

Keeping it Cost Effective for Members

We are a non-profit organization with many volunteers from the healing profession.  Through their generosity, we are able to offer classes, workshops, events, information sessions, and more at significant savings for our members.

Cost Comparison:

Yoga:  $15 per class.  The Total Concept offers Introductory and Beginners Yoga as an All-Group-Access Class.   All-Group-Access Classes are included in your membership at no additional charge.  Taking just two yoga classes a week through your membership saves you $90 per month!

Improvement Classes range from $15-$200 each.  Membership gives you a discount with many classes reduced by 40% over other facilities.

Free monthly chakra classes include personalized readings. A single reading is $20 and the class is $60.  For our members, this is an All-Group-Access Class.  $90 Savings!

Nutritional and dietary supplement information sessions range from $29 (group) to $75 for private consultations.  The Total Concept gives you access to this information included with your membership.

Holistic Health Care Premiums range from $175-$370.  Your membership gives you access to these same services at a discount without expensive monthly premiums

Cost Effectiveness for Business Members:

Your business contributions support The Total Concept.  These contributions cover the reviews, central service agent and message board, website and email design, monthly fees, licensing, office space, public relations representative, phone, printing and more.  The Total Concept appreciates your willingness to work together in a productive, intelligent, and compassionate manner to serve the healing needs of the community.  Your generosity and desire to heal makes The Total Concept possible

Is my business contribution a cumulative amount?

No.  As a Business member, you pay a single level amount based on your dedication and interaction with the group. If you participate at the Gold Level you pay only $40, NOT a cumulative amount of Bronze $85 + Silver $60 + Gold $40 = $185.
As a non-profit, we supply you with an annual letter of contribution for Federal Tax Deductions.

Who are the Practitioners?

Our practitioners are a very diverse group.  You can review information on each practitioner in our Business Directory.  The business directory contains links to their individual websites and independent reviews by clientele.  We rely heavily on your communications regarding the service and experience you receive.

When does my membership start?

Membership starts the first of each month.  If you join during the month we will pro-rate your first month.

Why should I join?

Joining the Membership Group gives you access to unlimited class attendance and  specialist information .

Will I have access to all three locations?

Absolutely.  As a member, you can request to receive updated information on all three locations or just the location(s) of your choice.   You  will enjoy our beautiful and relaxing settings for classes.  Many of your favorite practitioners also hold client sessions at these locations.

As a business member, you can use all three locations for client appointments.  To learn more, simply review the Providers Membership Contract

Why would I want to become a member?

The benefits of Membership are:

Reduced pricing

Web Site Artwork

Our beautiful artwork  has been provided by various members of the organization.  It is not our intention to use copyrighted material without permission.  If any of the work is supported by such, we will add these details to the site.  Thank you for your understanding.