STOP and Give Me 10 Preview

Here are a few examples of the Stop and give me 10. There is a second option that is more physical.
And they can’t be about someone else! For instance if you say because family needs you it must be from how it is about you not them. Share some of the whys behind the reasons if you have time.
With this one I want you to see the facial expressions of others and do a selfie to see if you can duplicate them.
Yay! Welcome to your first scavenger hunt. The way this works is you collect the list and send a picture when you are ready. You can take separate pics and screen shot them in an album if that helps.

Today’s list is “10 things that fit in my pocket”
1. Something I might have accidentally taken
2. Someone else’s phone
3. Found money
4. Something from outside
5. Gives me a measure of comfort
6. Holds things together
7. Blue
8. Lonely
9. Hard
10. Cold

If you can communicate an explanation of what it means to you then it counts! All participants of this one are put in a drawing that occurs at the end of the STUDY.