STUDY Day 10—Perception, Harming Others

Consider this.  I am sharing a story with a group of people and everyone responds differently to this single perception I am sharing.

  • one has no connection to what I share and no history with the information and quickly looses interest.
  • one has a similar background in life and is delighted with my perception and enjoying our similarity.
  • one has a painful past with a similar perception and reacts to me out of proportion with an angry outburst.
  • one is seeking confirmation in their own life with something that aligns with my perception and shows great interest.

We can go on and on about how different people react regarding our perception. What I would like you to realize is no matter how someone reacts to our perception we are not responsible for them. We are solely and completely responsible for ourselves. We have no responsibility for their reaction no mater whether it is good, bad, etc. No matter how someone reacts we are independent of them and their behavior. We are generous if we help them understand our perception and when we have done all we can their reaction is still theirs. Our only obligation to the reaction of others is to do our best to provide them with a safe place to move through it because it is not about us. Making their reaction about us robs them of their ability to express themselves fully and understand who they are.

Information Feedback on Perception, Obligation and Responsibility


Evaluate My Boss’s Ability to Responsibly Handle My Day

A fun way to look at how we care for ourselves. Sometimes putting the responsibility on someone else makes the situation clearer.  Evaluate “your boss” (which is you) and see how you feel about the job they are doing.