STUDY Day 11—Perception, Equality

Equality Brings Clarity

Would you like to believe we are all the same, born equal? I say we are all born as individuals. Look at these beliefs:

  • Equality comes over time as perception develops creating both equality and inequality.
  • To say “we all are equal” creates the ability for an opposite energy to continually exist.
  • To say “we all are” is a singular existence, in center balance.
  • Adding anything past “are” becomes a creation.  Once created we now need the support of push and pull energy to hold center balance.
  • We can push people away with our perception or we can pull them in.
  • Both inequality and equality are the same energetically even though to our conscious mind they are opposite. (you can learn more about this in the Energetic Awareness Expansion Program).

Let’s look at push or pull in regards to equality. We accept our perception, we work with, live with, and are governed by it.  Currently we are the green circle in the diagram.  What happens next is we apply our perception externally to others. We no longer see people as they factually are as a whole, we focus attention or awareness on an aspect of them.  Our balanced energy begins to split in two moving further from center balance. We are seeing through the eyes of our perception, creating the belief of who they are.  We are now the third set of circles in the diagram, we have pushed them away or pulled them closer depending on our acceptance that either inequality or equality makes them fit in our lives.

It is impossible to know every detail of who another person is, the stories, foundation issues, and items creating them as they are in this moment number in the 100s of 1000s. Have you had a disrespectful feeling or derogatory thought about someone based on your perception of them and when you heard their story you were able to look at them with compassion or forgiveness? You broadened your attention and shifted your perception with more information.  The distance from center balance is reduced.

Try this, look at people differently, look from the point of compassion to begin with.  Realize “I can not possibly know what their behavior means.”  If you do not know what something means you can not form an attachment, judgment, or conclusion.  You can not create distance from balance. Now, from this place of seeing that we are all the same trying to do our best, working hard to help and love one another, carrying burdens that may be unnecessary, from this place we can see we are all the same.  We are equal.  From this place we can experience balance without the need to push or pull energy to create who they are.  We can experience one another from the zen of center balance.

Information Feedback on Equality Brings Clarity