STUDY Day 13—Perception, Better Health


seeing our world

Seeing Our World

It’s easy to get stuck in one aspect of a perception, to narrow your focus so much it does not serve you.   In relationships this is common.   I am pretty good at seeing how amazing people are and appreciating them wherever they are at in life.  My friends call that ability my “rose colored glasses”. Even with that lovely gift of perception sometimes my focus gets so tight and I can think, “hmmm, this person doesn’t seem to be meeting my needs .”

When I experience too tight of a perception focus I have all kinds of tools to help me see my way out of this space-knowing the balance is between two people, that I need to be in the moment to see my perception clearly, that I can not possibly know what anything means, all tools we will learn in the coming weeks. What really worked like magic in the end that particular moment was to know “What I want is right in front of me.  I have attracted to me exactly what I want to experience in this moment.”

In that moment I wanted to be loved completely.  If I wanted to be loved completely I knew it was there.  In that moment I was holding my partner close to me, and I knew he loves me, and I was thinking, “but I can not feel it.  Why isn’t he showing me how much he loves me? He knows I have a lot going on and yet he still doesn’t seem to be interested in meeting my needs.” He had said he would do certain chores, manage aspects of our life, while I was so busy, etc.  I was focused on the selfish aspects of both of us, thinking I had unmet needs and he was only meeting his needs so he could be okay with his busy world.  When we hold too tight of a focus we create a divergence energetically. We create new directions like thinking someone is failing us, I can’t have what I need, etc.  Our world is magical, whatever I create I see.  Whatever I WANT TO SEE is there because my focus is creating it without effort.  Since my perception will focus attention to allow me to see whatever I want to see I want to see that he loves me. Currently, before that realization, I for some reason was wanting to see him as not loving me.  Where is the hidden belief that is keeping me from what I know is mine?

It takes time to learn how to track through the mind what we are doing to ourselves.  We will learn this too.  Here I often use a point of fact, a universal law, a free will choice to ground myself in this moment.  My belief- I know we are loving, caring people, every human being alive is (and yes I can prove this).  Keeping this in mind I said to myself, “I must be missing something.” Saying that statement gives my mind permission to look with less focus, moving my awareness and attention broader.   Since I know I attract what I need and what I want is right in front of me my mind can then look for it.   I looked for the way he must be showing me that he loves me.  When I saw it clearly and felt it I thought my chest might explode!   This man truly loves me and wants to see me happy.

When I slowed down, saturated in the feeling that I am loved, I could see it was my own energy, my own busy life, my own pressure of not meeting my needs in the moment due to free will choices I was making that was blocking my ability to see what was right in front of me. We all have these experiences. We all have these amazing beautiful lives.  They appear in this moment exactly as we are choosing to see them.  In the moments our focus keeps us from enjoying our lives we have things we can work with to feel our lives again, get back on the path we want to walk, find our way out of our darkness and fears to the lighter sides of life.


Make a photo montage of a relationship you are in or from clip art of what you want in your life. When your focus gets narrowed and you can’t see what you want this will help you pull out into a broader awareness and your attention can then refocus on what you do want.

Information Feedback on Seeing Our Wold

You will continue to spend time learning to see who you are.  Knowing who you are makes it easier to see others for who they are.