STUDY Day 17—Release, Me Feeling Me

Release, Me Feeling Me

Consider this…do your best to remember a time you were as sick as a dog, some of the worse feelings of sickness you ever experienced. Now, search your memories of when you woke up while you were sick, for a tiny moment you felt okay and then you were connected again to your sickness. Think of a time in your life when you lost something-a loved one, a significant item of value-and had the same experience, for a moment you were okay and then you touched the remembrance of loss and you were “broken” again. This is similar for physical pain, while sleeping you may be pain free and upon waking your pain grows more and more active. Pain increases as we reconnect to the beliefs that hold blocks in the body.  Blocks restrict flow of energy and the push of energy creates pain to make us aware that the flow is restricted so we will release it.  For some strange reason humans have gotten in the habit of holding, through conscious and subconscious methods, things that the body, mind, and spirit would naturally release.


In a given moment you may not understand the details of an experience.  If you are in observation you can not communicate what you are experiencing, you are only observing. In your natural state of observation, you are free from blocks.  In today’s world you are rushed and hurried to your conclusions, to move on from the experience, to let go of the issue because you know how the situation has to end, deprived of your time and need to move through your feelings without conscious thought interfering in your natural processes.  If you do not feel with your intuitive side your way through things they are left undone, incomplete energetically, like so many broken links in a chain. If you let yourself be in every moment you can feel your way out, you can feel your way through, you can feel deeper into your experience.  This is your intuitive connection to body, mind, and spirit knowing exactly what you need and your connection to what is occurring outside of conscious understanding.

During the day you spend most of your time in restricted contemplation, remembering, attachment, judgment, conclusions, predictions, all of which energetically hold attention and stop the free flow of energy. Here in the mind, when you use energetics to create from conscious aspects of yourself attention stays present until consciously released or acted upon by an outside force. Creating with conscious thought is different than creating with intuitive thought.  Pieces of the puzzle are missing because the conscious mind is filling in blanks using only your past instead of in the moment connecting to all of creation.  This restricted information creates an imbalance of energy, establishing a push and pull, a yin and yang of circular motion.

Moving into Observation

Without time being spent in the balanced state of being of observation and intuitive motion, the dissonance in the body increases. Letting go of the constructs of conscious thought and returning to observation is a must. Try some of these:

  • The simplest way to effect purposeful observation is through meditation. If we stay there long enough we can heal any damage we can create from the use of conscious creation. To form a strong meditative foundation you can use the Meditative Foundation Expansion Program.
  • Free body motion without posturing, yoga, dance, walking is also a natural way to rhythmically move the body and mind into observation.  This leaves you feeling clear headed and balanced.
  • Contemplation at the end of the day, set aside time to reflect and go through your life.  Give yourself the space to feel, not think, through your day. Giving yourself this space will open you to the natural body process of working through energy attention that is being held by body, mind, and spirit, creating blocks.

Our Creation

Knowing that you create all experience for yourself on every level is for some of you scary and for others very exciting.  When I became aware my disease of Multiple Sclerosis was self created I was over-whelmed with thoughts and beliefs that were in conflict.  As I worked through these I found a freedom and excitement to move mountains.  I found hope and space to create change and release layer after layer of my disease until my symptoms became undetectable.


Realizing that you are the person controlling where you are is truly freeing once grasped in its entirety. To get a step closer to this reality pay attention to facial expression:

  • notice how you do not let your face fully express you from the inside out in each moment
  • see how you stop a facial express because it does not meet what you think you should be thinking or doing in the moment
  • try to release attachment to what an expression means, you can say, “I do not know what this expression means” in regards to yourself or others
  • when you are feeling your face make an expression that does not seem to match the moment release attachment to “this is what my expression means” and be open to it meaning something you can not currently understand