STUDY Day 20—Third Eye Connection


Intuition and the Third Eye

Intuition is the “left” side of the third eye, the spiritual body connection, feeling side. It’s job is to connect body to the universe. It is governed by greater will existence, aligned with where our journey needs to go.  In the sole nature of the third eye, intuition is “very real”, not muddied or watered down. Love feels more amazing and pain feels more raw, both overwhelming and unbearable.  It is truth without barriers or blocks.  It is expression without the benefit of manners or human niceties. Intuition has no filters. If there isn’t an answer then the question is not necessary. Balance exists. Forcing a question will put the conscious mind in the position to answer for intuition. Intuition has no desire, no needs, it simply is.

Conscious and the Third Eye

Conscious is the “right” side of the third eye, the earthly body connection, emotion side.  It’s job is to protect body.  It is governed by free will existence, how we want to experience this space. What we are more familiar with is conscious mind, slightly different than conscious, and will be used for this lesson. With the protection of the conscious, intuition feels manageable on earth. When conscious mind believes life and limb are at risk, real or perceived through fear beliefs, it moves into a position of authority, pulling us out of balanced third eye relationship. If we force a question of intuition and put the conscious mind in the position to answer for intuition, we then move into conscious creation.  Desires often interfere with our ability to hear and interpret intuition completely because we are then in conscious creation without connection to universal information.

This diagram shows only four of the many ways you can experience the third eye:

third eye diagram


A.  Conscious mind moves into a mild level of flight or fight,  reduced connection to intuition used as body feels there is time to consult.  Vision becomes more acute, you become more aware of body language in others and self, energy is held in the chest, blood flow is reduced to limbs, the intuitive connection to information stored in the limbs is decreased and you are viewing your historic information from a place of “snap shots” instead of flow and comprehension.  This allows us to move much faster, make quicker decisions in regard to saving life and limb.  Your attention is narrowed effecting perspective, emotions are heightened, and your selfish or selfless nature will show up as more exaggerated or extreme.  This relationship of conscious to intuition is often used when driving in traffic while in conversation, doing task oriented work that involves constant interaction with others, working with math, science, or manual labor, confrontation, public speaking as a new or seldom used behavior, newly dating, dealing with fears that go unexpressed, the completion of tasks, goal setting when immediate action is necessary, etc.

B.  Conscious mind is relaxed, the need to make action decisions is reduced.  We are in a state of contemplation or intuition creation of self based on internal desire to exist. Speed, visual acuity, sense of hearing, touch overall, and peripheral vision are reduced. Breath is more in the diaphragm, energy is more out of the top of the body, we are sensitive to the “feeling” and connection of our environment both internal and external. The perceptive nature of the hands and taste increases. We can be disoriented when interrupted by things outside of ourselves, often caught off guard. This relationship of conscious to intuition is often used for high level calculations, daydreaming, planning for the future, flowing creative tasks like cooking, interpreting dreams, writing, and artwork when an agenda is not present. When body has repeated a conscious behavior so many times that there is no fear or concern about safety then it will often move into this relationship between conscious and intuition.  This can occur while driving without conversation, a repetitive task that has no risk, and manual labor that has strong muscle memory involved.

C.  Balanced in every moment with the ability to move geo-synchronized between conscious and intuition. Timing and preparedness match perfectly, moment to moment flows with ease and connection effortlessly. Creation is managed in the moment by the aspect of self that can achieve our greatest good.  We are in the full expression of ourselves in every moment, both intuition and conscious living in harmony fully aware of each other all the time.

D.  Conscious mind has very little presence and intuition flows easily.  The person in this experience would appear to have very little common sense, they would move between appearing to be real and “unwell” in their connection to reality as we generally know it.  Body would fall or run into things more, more accidents with physical and material damage. The ability to anticipate what comes next is greater and they have no idea what to do with the information.  Things seem to move in slow motion before their eyes and they feel like they can anticipate the next step of everyone around them and it does them no good because they have no way to utilize the information.  They can feel slightly trapped in their knowingness with little ability to communicate it to others unless they are in the same place as them. Creating during a project would be impossible because the possibilities are limitless.  Many tasks would be begun and unfinished.  Here there is full understanding of geometrics, fractal imagery, with no way to communicate it. This is viewed by most of us as an unhealthy place to live.

All of these have a place in our life when used for their strengths.  Many forms of meditation are developed so we can achieve a specific balance between third eye components and the relationship to things we would like to know or experience.

Information Feedback on Third Eye, Intuition and Conscious