STUDY Day 22—Empowerment

Being BETTER!? Here’s a heads up, I am never telling you not to be you, or asking you to be in denial and pretend that the world is rosy and fare. I saying if you are not enjoying your world then be more of the you you want to be. Use your free will daily to see and experience your world in a way that reflects who you are and how you want to be experienced by others, not based on what is right or wrong, good or bad. I am suggesting that you take time to see you and learn what motivates your extreme desires and needs, finding balance in a way that will not deconstruct you and will empower you in your life.


Its okay to be wrong.  It’s okay to be right.  Realizing both of these are necessary to hold balance takes the pressure off of needing to be one or the other in a given situation.  If you remove right and wrong then you experience a feeling of wholeness instead of separation caused by push and pull from center balance. If we create a wrong then something must hold the balance of right.  If we create a right then something must hold the balance of wrong.  If we simply are then we exist in balance, we are neither right nor wrong in any given moment.  It is a choice to give your attention to one aspect or another, all aspects are occurring, and it is your choice to accept one as more or less valuable.

You prioritize items to manage and control life.  This control creates distance, assigning a “right” position and a “wrong” position. In a given moment we may conclude that these opposite positions are both right or both wrong; the brain may struggle to position them appropriately within our perception.  Because the brain does not allow two thoughts we consider to be conflicting to exist in the same moment, you will create a structure (box, cage, compartment) to manage thoughts so they appear not to be conflicting. You could accept that the thoughts are independent of each other.  If you accept that they are independent and let go of control you reach a space of surrender and return to center balance.  If you fall to one side or the other of your measured conclusion you have not released the confliction, you may remain in surrender for only a moment before your brain starts the separation process again. Surrender is something that releases the body, mind, spirit connection to be completely free of blocks leaving us relaxed, coherent, empowered.

Measurement “Content of Light”

The mathematics of energetic balance is measured in content of light, by the presence or absence of the vibrational light emitted or kept. Keep these concepts in mind:

  • you are light, either the presence of or the absence of light, dark is the absence of light
  • pure light is the divine vibration.  Humans exist in wellness, with an inclination of light, meaning a set amount of light we call balance. Basically you are grey- 50% selfish dark and 50% selfless light, and is proportionate light and dark for a given moment or experience based on geo-synchronicity.
  • selflessness is all about others, too much selfless holds an abundance of light, experienced as pressure pushing out of self or explosion.
  • selfishness is all about self, too much selfish releases an excess of light, experienced as pressure pulling inside of self or implosion. (selfishness is not to be confused with the verb being selfish)

Now lets look specifically at the Light Content of Center Balance in relationship to the vibration of Responsibility.  In this example we are arbitrarily assigning numbers for effect and explanation.

Light Content Center Balance

Responsibility, balance is at 100%.  You may think people who are very responsible have things easier, they make fewer mistakes, have less drama, etc.  Let’s give them too much light content, where their responsibility starts to tip too far into selfless.  Here they may:

  • take responsibility for things that are not theirs.  They feel pain from the upset of others even when it has nothing to do with them, overtime breaking down the ability to feel deep compassion on a genuine personal level
  • believe people will not change.  They are holding people in place energetically, keeping others from being responsible with forced balance between two people (Universal Law-Balance between two people is always 100%.  If one holds light it will push out of them moving balance to 80%-30% will be pressure, it leaves others only 20% space.  If others subjugate (set aside their own needs) they are forced to release their light/pulling in energy- 30% of their balance will be experienced as an implosion)
  • can not ask for their needs because they feel it takes from others, not asking actually causes them to give more because of the pressure that builds when we do not meet our own needs.  Giving more releases some of the pressure temporarily
  • give more authority to others needs, setting aside their own needs without communicating them, overtime not seeing that they ever have a need for themselves
  • will not say no to others if they do not have a good reason, may tend to use white lies to protect others from their own thoughts instead of being okay in the moment with personal truth
  • not be heard because their point of view takes too much effort. Energetically they are ignored for being out of balance

200% light content is a distance too far from center balance to be well.  This person will over time create disease because their needs are not met, that will debilitate them and stop them from being too selfless. They will experience negative aspects of ego because their giving will be rejected or taken for granted.

We can journey to the opposite end of the scale where we give up all responsibility and live without light content.  Here they may:

  • live under the fear that nothing will change, with no light content they can not take authority in their lives, existing only seeing themselves as having lack
  • constantly have to ask for help, incapable of meeting their own needs without energy to support self
  • have feelings of failure without explanation or solution
  • never get ahead because they have no authority or light content in their lives to create from
  • drive balanced others away because they are draining with their constant need to take
  • go ignored because their point of view does not create change and has a desperate appearance
  • loose all personal and worldly stability, constantly moving and losing things and relationships

0% light content is a distance too far from center balance to be well.  This person will over time create addiction, self-destruction, fracturing of the mind. They will experience negative aspects of ego feeling rejected or unwanted.

Many more aspects to this exist outside of this example with varying degrees of how we experience the vibration of responsibility. Taking responsibility for everything that you are can feel difficult when the “proper” balance of light is not used for each moment we exist.

Optional Exercises that Effect Light Content:

Watch: If we return a vibration to a place where it is missing we have the ability to be okay. This meditation creates a general shift allowing energy to return to support you. You can watch this video from the Energetic Awareness Expansion Program Hands On to gain a clearer understanding of energy in the body.

Chakra Meditation (from Focus on Meditation Portfolio)

Try: a simple meditation that is designed to open up energy centers to flow needed energy, fuel, into the body energetics. suggested time: 5 – 30 minutes (this is a simple and quick way to draw energy into each of your chakras)

Simply go to a quiet place. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and bring the mind to an alert state, focusing on the rhythm of your breathing. As the body becomes more relaxed and breathing becomes rhythmic and easy, begin to visualize the first chakra, the root chakra (located below the point where the legs attach to the body), observing and paying attention to what you see.  Simply observe the chakra’s direction, size, speed, color, feeling.  Gently encourage the chakra to spin clockwise with a circular size of about 6 inches across, moving at a comfortable pace, reaching a vibrant color that makes sense to you.  If this seems difficult rely on your imagination-form follows thought.  Stay on each chakra until you feel satisfied with what you are observing.
Move on to the second, sacral chakra, about 2 inches below the belly button.
Move up to the third, solar plexus chakra, about two inches above the navel area.
Then to the fourth, heart chakra, center of chest cavity.
The fifth, throat chakra, is the area of throat and neck.
The sixth, third eye chakra, fills the space between your eyebrows.
And the seventh, crown chakra, is about3-4 inches above the top of the center of head.

Multiple Boxes in Your Attic (brain)

Visualize: walk up into your head, begin diaphragmatic breath, taking a breath with each step up the stairs to your head. Once relaxed open the door to your attic. Take a look around see how many boxes you are using to keep conflicting ideas separate.  Pick one of these boxes to sort through, throwing out ideas that do not serve you, keeping ones that do.

If you have trouble seeing inside your box try this-think of a corner of your house or life that you avoid. Now look in the box and see what’s there. Do not create what’s in the box, observe what is in the box. Sort through what is in the box.

When you are satisfied with what is left in the box tear away the sides of the box exposing the contents to the entire space you are in.  If you are completely comfortable with how this feels remove the bottom of the box and leave these ideas as part of the whole of who you are.  If you are not satisfied work with these ideas or put them temporarily into another box that is in the same space to be dealt with at a time you can see them differently.

While you are here in the attic if you have time you can look up from the boxes and see what the space looks like.  Is it inviting? Would you be okay with spending time here?  What does the space need to feel better?  Repairs, paint, comfort?  Imagine yourself doing something to make a change in this space that feels good to you.


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