STUDY Day 23—Empowerment, Rest

I know how amazing it feels to push through fatigue and complete a task, to wake up after a disturbed night and still get everything on my to-do list done.  What a great feeling of accomplishment.  It often erases our lethargy and makes us look to see where else in our lives are we holding back. Keeping this ability to ‘push’ in balance with our need to rest is important.  Part of self empowerment is listening to the bodies needs and meeting them instead of pushing through them all the time.

Proper rest is necessary for the body and mind to move energy.  Not moving energy creates an energetic pull in other directions.  We tend to go out of body more when body is not rested, create dissonance in timing, distort third eye connection, create more time in flight or fight, and leave the soul unheard.

Go, go, go, all day long.  Without contemplation you find yourself at a loss. A way to set yourself up for a good night sleep is to learn to contemplate for a set amount of time.

Contemplation, Conscious Meditation

Contemplation is a “happiness” tool. When done successfully you feel happier without any effort beyond the contemplation. The subconscious settles, releasing the need to think and remind you of things outside of this moment.  Contemplation is excellent for monkey mind, hidden fears, stilted emotions, and connection to soul. Contemplation can be done at anytime.

Suggested amount of time 5-30 minutes. As a beginner you can start contemplation already prepared for a nights rest incase you doze off during this process.

  • allow your day to come to you, flow through you, without working through any feelings of attachment, judgment, or ideas of right and wrong. Do not stop the process because of a belief that seems in conflict, simply be aware of it
  • observe from a third party point of view your reactions during the day to your outside environment. If this was a child’s or best friends life would you be critical?  Observe without any conclusions or judgments, paying close attention to how you feel your emotions as you watch from a place outside of your personal experience of them as this third party
  • re-observe anything from your day about others and yourself that stood out as different or unusual, listening to what subconscious was taking your attention to, look for growth and change in a positive way, look for ways to support and build from these moments of attention
  • allow yourself to be aware of the whys behind your behavior; why did I raise my voice, what was it in me that changed taking me out of the moment I wanted to be in, how did I choose happiness then, what made my day easier, why did my feelings get hurt.  No need for conclusion or judgment, only observation

When you get stuck on looking at a moment or an action over and over it is because you were something other than the full expression of yourself. You are looking to see where you let go of you, how you gave others control over your free will, putting you in a place that is effort or undesirable. Taking ownership of your experiences can make a big difference in restful, peaceful sleep, that rejuvenates you.

If you find yourself getting stuck in circular thought or continued reworking of the same experience when the experience is done then try this addition…”I have contemplated this event.  Unless I have something new to show myself I am okay with things as they are. In this moment I can enact no change, I can rest from my need to create.” You will either ease up your thoughts or realize something that can be done in this moment to change the situation.  Once action steps are in place you will let go of actively hanging onto this information. You need not force yourself to release it and you can be aware of it in any moment you desire. If you do not act on your plan for action later you will likely return to circular thoughts.

Once you feel satisfied with your contemplation session and accept your empowerment you can:

  • express gratitude, thanking the participants for bringing your attention closer to the full expression of you
  • release self and others from misunderstandings that caused uncomfortableness (dissonance)
  • accept responsibility for yourself and your actions
  • note any needs for further action to align with your truth (recompense) such as telling others how you feel or what you understand about a situation between you, sharing with them how you are taking responsibility for your actions
  • express love for self, how wonderful it is to be working towards being you, seeing how amazing you are

The more you practice this the easier it will come to you. As you gain more and more understanding of how you hold yourself in place you will have greater and greater return to happiness during a contemplation period.


Contemplation, Conscious Meditaiton