STUDY Day 27—Empowerment with Permission

In relationships you may feel you aren’t allowed to completely express yourself in a safe place. This is a perception and a self created truth. You are the only one that can give yourself permission to do or be anything.  You may rationalize it is about others, or circumstances and situations beyond your control, and I will tell you again you are the creator of your world.

Every safe place you will ever have you created on your own. You teach others how to treat you, you trust that you are okay, you feel something larger than life supporting you, your consistent behavior holds space and creates change, you anticipate what someone else’s actions mean, you enforce with your belief that a person is as you say they are, you demand that their actions mean to you what you say they do. It is easy to get lost in your creation when you spend everyday adjusting your need to meet the needs of others. After awhile, not having a win win lifestyle weighs on you and makes you unsafe. If you can not trust you to meet your needs you will put pressure on others to meet your need for you, moving into the negative aspects of co-dependency. (This video link Energetic Expansion Program Co-Dependency and the Win Win is available to help you understand more on co-dependency)

Some how society has become convinced that we can not meet the needs of others and ourselves at the same time. This is caused by “attention”. Attention, simply put in energetics is “focus altering current balance”.  All things exist in all times happening simultaneously and synchronistically when left to their truth and full expression within a balanced individual. We were already meeting the needs of selfless and selfish in every moment before we drew attention to the idea that we were not! The single idea that you may not have your need met creates that you may not have your need met. The single idea that you must be more selfless than selfish creates an inability to meet your own needs. Being afraid that something is going to happen opens the door to its existence. Hiding something creates a craving. Wanting things without responsibility repels things out of your reach and ability to obtain it.

Moving into empowerment with all of this behavior existing as current in your life makes things more complicated.  With awareness, shifts in perception, release of attachment, judgement, and conclusion, you can begin to see clearly see things as they are instead of as you hold them to be.


If I Argue for My Limitations I Get to Keep Them

I am asking you to trust and accept things you have not experienced in your own life as truth as we continue to add more and more pieces of the puzzle together. If you hang on too tight to a past experience as proof that what I am sharing is not true or possible you will be bringing the past into the present moment. If you are arguing for your limitations you will get to keep them. I remember clearly the struggle as things were shifting, where I could see two thoughts in direct conflict with one another, one the truth and one the delusion, and being unable to see in the moment which was which.  I remember feeling desperate and struggling as I experienced the ripping of two beliefs I held as one being ripped apart, from my thoughts, from my behavior, from the very fabric of my energetic body. I remember feeling what I was trying to do was impossible. I remember wanting it to be done for me instead of by me and knowing that was not possible, I felt I was alone in this.

We are never alone. We feel alone because we are the only one that can make this change for us, our focus narrows, and limited attention causes us to believe our separation exists. I know the struggle can be immense as you transform these aspects of yourself.