STUDY Day 32—Review

TCS-2229How are you doing with:

  • understanding to what it means to be the full expression of yourself
  • choosing you then meeting the needs of others from a place of self instead of skewed balance based on fear or misunderstanding
  • creating space to feel you instead of going to what is a preselected solution, you can not know in advance what the solution is if you skip who you are in the moment
  • recognizing joy in every moment and how your own thoughts and choices/lack of choices create how you will be in the next moment

If you are facing challenges in these areas go back and review week four, ask questions in your GroupMe chat or message your leader directly.

Review of Week 4

In addition I have a quick story regarding spirits out of body. This video is not necessary for the STUDY material, it is for your enjoyment and support only.