STUDY Day 36—Enlightenment, Being Me

8:00am, waking to the alarm, I have exactly 45 minutes to walk out the door. 8:40am, one kid is eating and the other is without shoes or pants, and the driver for whatever reason is still upstairs brushing their teeth! How will anyone be on time? There! That’s the pressure, time; not time itself, but the belief about time.

Try this one-it’s a leisurely morning, I had my coffee on the patio with the birds and the view. The crisp air added to my feeling of immersion, giving my contemplation this morning an especially deep connection and feeling of embodiment. I come inside to get dressed. My clothes that were laid out ready on the bed are now on the floor underneath my pet and my shoes are in their mouth. What’s the pressure here?  It could be a thousand things, money to replace damaged items, the perfect outfit no longer available to be worn, the fear that this will happen over and over with this pet, time to get ready at a leisurely pace vanished. The pressure is not “real”. Your belief’s decide the pressure.

You could contend that pressure is reasonable and everyone feels pressure. For every person that feels a particular pressure there is another person that does not feel that pressure. Pressure moves us, it is a learned behavior. As human beings we naturally meet our own needs without effort, free of push or pull energy, absent of rationalization, without explanation, or discretion. What a wonderful gift to be human. Then along comes the human condition and BAM, like wild-fire we are suddenly overtaken and incapable of meeting our own needs.

It is hard to say at this point which came first, the chicken or the egg, the compassionate desire to help others or our inability to meet our needs. Because we are these loving, deeply compassionate human beings we want the happiness of others and will accept their beliefs as real to meet their needs even at the expense of meeting our own, selfless and selfish perpetually out of balance.

What happens next

If you realize pressure is not real and you function without pressure, free of attachment, judgement, conclusions, and perception shifts, then you are in balance capable of meeting your own needs in every moment with free will choice and soul level intuition.

The snapshots we take of every moment exist without belief, perception, conclusion, time, anything. They are documentation existing solely as what existed independently as science fact, as human experience.  Before we file them or use them we adjust them for the human condition, socialization.  We add a conclusion, a belief, a perception, a process under which we will guide ourselves to be the person we choose to be in every moment.  If you experience pressure or discomfort, somewhere on this journey you picked up some beliefs that are not in alignment with you as a human being, you encountered the human condition, part of which is the acceptance of things outside of us having control over things inside of us. It is not possible!  We are a guarded, protected environment (the identity egg).

If you choose to accept pressure then add this belief to everything you accept pressure from- pressure can be used for construction or deconstruction of our lives. The way you combine moments, your snap shots, over time creates your identity, your beliefs. Depending on the belief and how many times you revisit the belief with new information or attachment you can adjust your entire life to it.

Remember the child being interrupted (STUDY Day 15) so they wouldn’t get burned? What if your belief over time is you can not touch a stove…how many ways can that belief effect you and create other “related” beliefs that control your existence and the way you experience your life. “I can’t cook, I burn everything, cooking is fine for others and it’s not for me”, the conclusions can be unlimited and overlapping creating difficulty when trying to untangle truth from the pain of delusion.

The restrictions of your beliefs are self imposed. There is nothing that can be done to create your experience for you. You will take the information and move in the direction of you, a perception you choose, a belief you have created, a conclusion you accept, a judgement you have, a desire you choose. The only way my actions, words, or deed change you is if you give me the credit for doing so. It is not possible for me to change you.

Awareness Exercise:

The way you experience your entire existence is self imposed! Being aware of this brings you to a place of freedom, of balance in free will choice verses need, want, and desire in a given moment. Next time you are running around feeling stressed, overwhelmed, worried about a deadline of time or production, try a few things:

  • remember you are okay. Whatever is being experienced is created and can be understood or released with attention.
  • ask which belief is moving you out of your truth. Example: I am patient, why am I suddenly impatient? What do I believe in this moment that makes me think feeling impatient or acting impatient will meet my need more than being patient does?
  • most pressure experiences were created from a place of fear. What fear are you indulging in?
  • often pressure occurs when your beliefs were created out of balance in conjunction/combined with a misunderstanding. See if you can see through comparison of enjoyable experiences to this unenjoyable one where the misunderstanding occurred or is occurring. (Try this Overlapping Principle Exercise)

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