STUDY Day 37—We Begin from Balance

As balanced individuals move through space and time they are connected to all things while remaining independent from everything in every moment. The first moment you consider a thing outside of you has importance to a thing inside of you a shift occurs moving you from singularly balanced (an individual) to co-dependently balanced (connected to others).

Aspects of Co-Dependency, existing aloneBeing connected is like the joining of two super computers. The computers store different data, use different processing languages, have their own form of conditional logic codes, making a unique expression possible. Because conditional logic codes are added at Aspects of Co-Dependency, changedifferent times in a sequencing pattern variables that could not have been imagined occur when two super computers are joined. Key components become active as the two computers communicate and associate data between themselves, creating an apparent third and separate expression of the information. The computers can be programed to exchange and utilize information so when separate they maintain parts of the exchange. If not they will revert back to their original form, or expression of self.

Daily Living

Your partner is organized. You are disorganized. Two separate existences.  You can see the two and love all aspects of existence with gratitude. This is comparison in the form of “self to object” where two items reveal center balance for both individuals occurring effortlessly. Both you and your partner continue to exist as you are, seeing the unique expression of self as joyful, not needing the other or self to change or evolve.

With awareness a shift occurs. Observing two items similar yet different, joy in each, you can choose to Aspects of Co-Dependency, change afterwardsenable change, the creation of a third and unique experience based on the observed information. By combining parts of these experiences you then create a new existence. You create change. Prior to this moment change did not exist in you. Prior to this moment you met only your needs and things outside of you had no impact on you.

Observing differences allows you to see and digest how to change (obtain material in the form of vibration) to become something you currently are not. Often we try these things on and appear to go back to what we were, the new information embedded and not active. These changes are part of you. You are never the original you again. As a free will experience you can copy or embody this change, vibration with no current soul level implications. The interesting thing is the information is always there and has entered into our snap shots, effecting us on a cellular level without conscious thought.   (There are ways to purposefully release yourself from this process.)

With observation and subsequent change you create something unique, not just the combining of two existences. The new existence is unexpected and imagined due to variables that could not be anticipated and will be a new existence entered into the UCM, expressed and organized through divinity for the whole.

When you create something new from comparison (observation with conclusion) this is comparison in the form of “object of attraction” where two items reveal center balance for the individual occurring from proximity. You have attracted to you something you want based on what you see outside of you. For instance, when you watch your partner enjoying the feeling, connection, to organization as they fold their clothes and place them neatly into a prepared space you may decide you want to feel and experience this for yourself (this is a macrocosm observation viewed through a microcosm experience). Previously you were fine with leaving your clothes in a basket, on the floor, shoved out of the way into a corner. If you want the experience and believe the action will get you the experience then you have experienced object of attraction and will have a unique balance of your own with the gathered objective (formed by proximity, object, observation, example, acceptance, belief).Aspects of Co-Dependency, object of attraction centripital balance

As you move forward to be the experience you have moved from singular center balance to centripetal or centric balance, at no point releasing the balance of who you are. When you want an experience and you flow energy (believe) the action (flow of energy) creates object of attraction. You now have a unique balance of your own with the gathered objective/information formed by proximity and the process of observation. An external example is internalized through self.

From awareness reached after contemplation, you may create value, willfulness to define the object of attraction and what it means to you. Both a perception and a perspective may be formed creating something new for you with the understanding you achieve from the comparison. It is a blessing to be different. This is a lovely version of co-dependency where we evolve to the fullness of self without burden.

Over time we do all this faster and faster leaving out steps, jumping over parts of the experience based on the input of others or self conclusion of outside needs.

If you move into a belief that it matters you are disorganized, that you can be wrong or make a mistake, you will move in a different direction with your comparison. This comparison in the form of “object of contrast” allows you to see things as unequal, prioritizing one over the other. You can move from center balance of “I am me and you are you” (object of attraction) to the co-dependent belief that your disorganization can effect your partner (cause and effect belief enacted), putting your attention outside of yourself for further observation. This distinction of energy outside of self is where the beginning of selfless and selfish occurs.

Observation Exercise:

I remember eating scrambled eggs at a neighbors house when I was barely 4. The lady put pepper on the egg and in no way was this eggs to me. Eggs did not have black dots. I had never used pepper at home, ever. She urged me to try them thinking I would be agreeable. I was not. I did not alter myself in any way to accept that this was possible, that these were scrambled eggs. I maintained singular balance of self.

As an adult I eat foods with the same name and have no attachment to what the food should taste like. I can enjoy and understand that fried rice in one culture has completely different ingredients than fried rice in another and be okay no matter the differences. As a child I couldn’t budge! There was something very finite in my experience.

Take some time and remember back to the youngest memory of eating something that someone said was a meal or item you were familiar with, cake, spaghetti, tacos, hamburgers, and see if the difference of the food effected you differently than when you currently eat somewhere other than home. How was this experienced? Shock, delight, confusion? Were you more or less flexible as a child? Has this changed with age? What other factors led to this change?

How Did It Taste