STUDY Day 40—Following Compelling Factors

You are watching a young child playing. The child is in their imagination, slightly out of body, not seeing the solid world as it is, eyes focused on the speeding car that can fly as it moves effortlessly through the air, which to the physical world is a block of wood in their hand. The child is content, happy, fulfilled. You notice they have a runny nose. With tissue in hand you grab the back of their head and with the other hand you hold them still as you accost their face. They cry and squirm. You stop and they return to flying their car through space.

If that was only one experience that never repeated it would mean nothing more or less than what we observed. Over time, the child not liking being pulled back to the physical world, back into the body, not liking their faced touched when they do not know what is happening, confused by their own reaction and your lack of compassion in the moment, will make changes to stop this interruption. They will form a conclusion and from the conclusion they will form a plan of action.

They may try a few different things; they may wipe their nose on their clothes, on the furniture, on a tissue as you do, in an attempt to stave off the interruption of stopping to wipe their nose, to keep you away from their face not understanding why it is so uncomfortable, or any other number of options they can come up with in a given moment without thought. They are first selfish, then selfless, trying to meet your need and theirs in a given moment.

This is a win win! They have learned to comfort themselves and have their needs met by meeting your needs as they perceive it. If this was the whole experience then it would mean nothing more than we have observed. Thing is you can not let them have this win, this personal triumph. They wipe their nose on their clothes or what is handy and now you have gone past the win to form your own conclusion based on beliefs you learned. Their win becomes a lose and you put a stop to them using whatever is handy as a means to eliminating the runny nose issue. They work again to meet your needs and theirs, they learn to slurp up their snot so it is not running down their face or ending up anywhere you can object to. Ah, an apparent win for you, they are not creating damage of any kind outside themselves.

As an adult this same child if never taught another behavior will continue to have the learned behavior of snorting snot instead of letting it drip down their face so that they are not interrupted.  This behavior will back up their sinuses, cause nasal blockages and possible infections. This child was independent in the beginning, mucus flowing freely without impediment, leaving their body with whatever the body was rejecting. This child’s natural defenses were compromised because of a societal belief, co-dependent behavior based on cause and effect principles.

The historic progression of the human condition is to interfere with the individual, using the best of intentions, to meet the belief systems of others. When this is done from a place of attention and focus that is too narrow it creates other issues that later will have to be resolved. The pieces of the puzzle do not fit together yet because something is missing. This is not done from a place of sinister beliefs or wicked behavior, it is done from a place of kindness, sympathy, regret; it is done to protect life and limb to save the body from the pain it does not understand, stuck in flight or fight mode unnecessarily driven to meet the needs of others to feel whole.

This once child, very generous and kind individual, if properly conditioned and socialized, may never question their behavior and will terminate their own life by creating disease and self destruction to the point of death in an attempt to meet the beliefs of others. Seems exaggerated and simplistic and yet this is what happens every day.

On a greater will level you have realized this condition and are moving in a direction away from certain death, you will fight for your life. You are attempting to recreate what was yours at incarnation, realizing the needs of self then others and meeting both from a place of balance and free will.

Compelling Factors

Our compelling factors come in on the underlying current, they are information that move us in the direction of achieving what it is we are attracting to us, they align us synchronistically with the UCM to accomplish our needs, wants, and desires, and to allow us to play a part in the needs, wants, and desires of others. Compelling factors can be experienced as a feeling of recognition, knowingness, instant desire to do or be something before a conscious thought supports it or negates it.

In a moment of time if a belief appears to be stronger or more important than a compelling factor you may give it priority. The snapshots and conclusions we have made in support of the needs of others are being used by the conscious mind to create a new direction, a tangent, a free will choice. This is the first dip into flight or fight, level one, recognizing the needs of others and then our needs, seeing how to meet both simultaneously in a given moment. Level one is without fear and can be shifted into altruism with the understanding that we are making this choice willfully and without prejudice or obligation, seeing that meeting the needs of others can actually meet our need to be whole by expressing support, compassion, generosity, and love.

If we can not successfully move into altruism we can again try recognizing our needs and then the needs of others, seeing how to meet both simultaneously from a place of balance and health without altering one person or the other.  This can bring us back into alignment with compelling factors.

Following compelling factors from a place of skewed balance, distance from center balance, creates level two flight or fight, same as level one with the addition of being experienced from a place of fear. Because of fear, we seldom successfully return to altruism in these moments.  Recognizing and releasing fear while replacing with the proper balance of Factor V, responsibility, discipline, trust, control, ego (currently often being experienced as not good enough), you can move into center balance and move back into proper space and time.

Level one is experienced as a push of effort energetically. If in this moment you realize there is a push you can back up and get on target again. If you are too far into fight or flight and do not know to slow down there will be no redirection. The compelling factors will be moved through with a push and the effort can be accommodated while draining in some way. Free flow of energy can not be achieved and will be felt by others, skewing the experience even further. It is easy to get back to balance at this point by simply slowing down, aligning the third eye connection and feeling who you are in every moment. (for a greater understanding of this behavior review Balance Between Two People).


Every time you feel uncomfortable you are wanting to know or see something differently. Uncomfortable does not equal something “bad”. If you accept you are wanting to be aware and open to awareness the experience ends there and you free flow energy again. If you move in the direction of something must be wrong you step up to level two of fight or flight.

Information Feedback on Following Compelling Factors, Lesson 39