STUDY Day 41—Are You Socialized?

What is something every human being has in common, a task or experience that no matter where you are on the planet you have had in one form or another? Shopping! Whether it be at an open air farmers market, a seaside village fishery, swap meet, mini-mart, hispanic bodega, or Walmart all of us have shopped or been shopping with someone.

In socialized countries this has risen to an art, a science even. Below you see 5 items of importance in regards to shopping. Put those 5 items in order of importance to you personally from GREATEST to LEAST.

Socialization is the acceptance of a group conscious belief, to “be made fit for life in companionship with others”. Every guardian and peer who accepts this responsibility communicates to you with control methods regarding your behavior, how and what you share, the way you spend your time, etcetera; they make sure to react to you in a way that would keep you aligned with the social (or anti-social) norm as they see it so you will grow and perform with understanding in communication with others in your social setting. They often do this even when it is not their personal belief supporting the behavior, it is being supported by their socialized beliefs, wanting what is perceived to be best for you.

Your answers to the second set of 5 items is in response to your belief about society. Your response is an assumption based on experience, your experience. It is still about you even though it is being referred to as being  about others. Everything in your life, your microcosm, is about you all the time.


In it’s original state the socialization of humanity was an amazing way for communication to be understood. Nomadic people developing ways to exist and come together relating information that could not possibly be experienced by all due to distance, time, and effort. When born you are already altered and socialized by the vibrations experienced during your incarnation into a physical body. For most of you starting school led to the open acceptance of socialization. Whether you were raised with jumping and yelling or stillness and quiet you had a common primary need, the need to play, connect, and experience others.

Many larger countries have the goal of accepting multiple socialized beliefs then working with them to bring a single existence into light that works for everyone. The internet has created faster and greater growth in the area of socialization. What is acceptable and understood is now more global and timely than it has ever been in the recorded history of mankind.

True Self

To see the reflection of yourself in others creates an instant bond, a feeling of belonging. It puts you in a position to be vulnerable without effort. Relax with this thought for a moment. Think of your relationships that bring you the most comfort and ease.

The focus on socialization has hurried you past the embodiment of beliefs and experiences, leaving you separate and in fear unable to be vulnerable, the full expression of self in every moment. Full embodiment of a belief makes it yours, moves it into truth in a way that is directly related to your existence as you. It allows for you to be fully connected to others while maintaining individual thoughts and beliefs without conflict seeing that we are all exactly the same. You get to be you while comfortably seeing others as themselves.

Awareness Exercise*:

Think about how many people are becoming multi lingual, multi cultural. Think about what it means to see two things are exactly the same (macrocosm concept) even when experienced as different (microcosm details). Cross over cultural barriers to see how you are the same even when appearing as different, not an aspect of the same, exactly the same.

Consider that the UCM (universal conscious mind) is currently evolving as one, purposefully bringing existence into a global reality instead of a personal one. Because of this one of our greater macrocosm lessons is to individuate. It is critical that you are capable of being an individual while being fully connected at all times. Learning the energetics that support this change is your responsibility and can only be done by you.

Think about the people in your life who shape your existence. In your microcosm world how are you dealing with individuation? Are you capable of being you in every moment, allowing them to be them in every moment, seeing that all things appearing as different are actually the same?

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