STUDY Day ??—Stabilizing Ourselves

I apologize in advance for the technical nature of this lesson. I have included an Underlying Current video that may make it easier to understand. Please read through the entire lesson slowly even if it does not make much sense to you. When we discuss this later in detail having read through it and placed it in your subconscious will help. Thank you.

Underlying Current Access Points

A useful energetic stabilizer is the underlying current. By tapping into specific spots in your underlying current you can feel and understand you prior to events and experiences without pressure or confusion.  It is possible to experience you without conscious overlay or conscious impact. You can enter the current before you combine conscious thought with true self. You can recognize the truth of who you are in every moment without effort. This is the point of freedom you have been looking for; this point occurs before delusion, before pain, before obligation, judgment, attachment. This is you at center balance without push or pull of selfish and selfless. This is “I AM”.

Often, when tapping into the underlying current at I AM, you will be surprised to see you feel fine and understand that nothing is wrong. Everything you are attracting is for your benefit and the support of who you are. This is an amazing place to bring your awareness. A fraction of a millisecond past that you will see what action meets your needs from a place of you without push and pull, and a fraction past that you will start to see things added in such as the needs of others, past responses, anticipation, all still without pain of attachment or judgement.

underlying current

If you are reactionary you are entering the current at a place of rest prior to existing as you are in this moment, just as the current picks up speed and direction through your environment based on gravitational pull. The reason you are reactionary is because you did not enter far enough ahead of change of motion and had no time to maintain balance before being swept away by the unknown, basically knocked off your feet.

If you are stubborn you have entered the current just past the point of understanding in this moment. Everything outside of you feels like a serene push and everything inside will not budge. This is as gentle as you can get without being swept away or creating damage internally. The further along you enter stubborn the greater the resistance or gravitation of pull feels as the light content is reflected past the cell or back from the cell.

If you are complacent or complaisant you have not entered the current at all. Your inability to navigate the information for your honor and benefit has left you feeling that meeting the needs of others is a priority. If you exist in this part of energy you are often hurt and offended by the behavior of others. Without the personal insight into the give and take of human existence you create an awareness of nothing feeling victimized by everything.

Jumping into the flow at almost the precise moment we are then gathered up and lifted with resonance to this place of feeling. This is elation-the Aha! moment occurs here. Elation elevates your soul level information to a place of understanding without commitment.  Here is where you balance your world without strife. It is where the light content in the cell organizes equal to the content outside of the cell with understanding of what is attracted, supporting you in this moment and the next.

Currently, if you try to bring your attention into the current you will be without reason, unable to find your fears, thoughts, behaviors. Without this feeling of belonging you will no longer exist as you know it. It would occur as the interception of light and leave you feeling empty, life seems meaningless, what’s the point of being alive. Bringing awareness without attention is how we manage to keep our bodies and leave them at the same time, it is our ability to create this space. Once you have achieved consistent center balance you can raise your attention to the current in such a way that you know all things in all time, time ceases to exist.

It is from the space of I AM in the underlying current, before forward motion occurs, where you feel fine and understand that nothing is wrong that you can easily see the conscious conclusions floating around in your thoughts before they combine with snapshots to create perception. This is the space where you can figure out how to release or keep conscious thoughts in relationship to your needs, wants, and desires. This is where you “know” everything. As complicated as this may seem you have already experienced it with your full awareness, that fraction of a second where you knew everything before it slipped away from your tongue, your thoughts, your beliefs, that was the moment you entered the underlying current before being swept away. With meditation and practice you can learn to “stand still” in this space and listen when needed.

Past the space of I AM the conscious, subconscious, energetics, beliefs, decisions, conclusions all exist. Prior to this they do not exist. This space, where the two touch at existence and not existence, is known as enlightenment, where information (vibration and light) is fused together with the underlying current to become part of the UCM (universal conscious mind). Although enlightenment is ever present, people commonly refer to enlightenment as the perfection of this space, when it is at it’s best being experienced from balance. Once fused, untangling or separating things past this point is what we call the ripping. Once the information has been fused together the only way to separate it without the ripping is to go back in time. Hence the active implosion of a single cell or an entire chakra or being.

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