STUDY Day 37 1/2—Underlying Current continued and unfinished

Underlying Current and Law of Attraction

Paying attention to the underlying current helps you realize how you actually are.  In energetics, this is part of the Law of Attraction, it is the divisor. The divisor reduces the full force of the light content making it possible to exist as you in any given moment. All existence is based on the content of light. The law of attraction is effective for you when the balance of light before, in, and after the cell are all apparently equal.

A divisor (specific attention) successfully depletes the light content without a remainder so the light-packets within the cell can reflect back the full sum of the light, appearing to pass through the cell even though the cell/egg is not breached. When we interfere with the light content’s reflection and the divisor is not successful in reducing completely the light content we then create things like free radicals, breaking the success of attraction. This happens when cellular membranes have been compromised and can no longer hold resistance to the reflection of the light and allows for the release or mutation of cellular content.

Access Location for Underlying Current

The manubrium, between the clavicle and sternum, is the receptor for the underlying current. Commonly referred to as the breast bone, the manubrium can “hear” this information. When you relax and access the current consciously you will notice that the shoulders relax and release back prior to being able to hear the information.

The current is not restricted to the manubrium. It comes in between and across every cell of the physical body. It is the translation into sound that happens at the manubrium. The translation of this into the physical sternum is further recognized and experienced with the addition of personal information to the underlying current. This bone is very sensitive to resonance of any kind and can be used extensively to find and understand information about self and others. It runs right through heart center.

Exercise, Understanding and Accessing Underlying Current:

The underlying current is one of the most useful resources you have. Because it is raw energy, without filters, the information can come in as unclear or uneasy. For instance, you may ask yourself, “How do I feel towards my lover?” and the answer may be “I do not love him/her”. You may jump to the assumption that what you heard is wrong when in fact it is accurate. The underlying current does not have emotions or human niceties and depending on where in the current you are the answer will be heard differently. Hearing that you do not love your lover may inspire thoughts or fears of needing to leave the relationship. Instead of fear or believing this can’t be true, look at what this literally means to you. What you might have seen is something completely different and supportive if you paid it different attention.

An example: You hear you do not love your partner. Bring your awareness to this moment and what is going on in your life. You do not want to be interrupted so you do not love them because your fact is when you love them you draw them near to you and currently you would prefer not to draw them near to you. Instead of believing something is not true ask where in your life is it currently true.

Practice: Ask “how do I feel?” and listen. No matter what is said back to you, you have entered the underlying current at some point. Make a list of what you hear and over time you will start to recognize where you are entering the current. With practice you will become familiar with how it feels to enter at different points and can enter at the point of your choosing.

Remember, make no conclusions, listen and repeat out loud to yourself or a friend what it is you hear. To decipher the responses you would consider the statements as you would the response of a small child, simple, blunt, urgent. If you are getting more complicated information you are allowing the conscious to add to the underlying current information prior to the space of listening. This can be useful after you have first received the uncomplicated and simplistic response.

Try these variations to access different points of the current, asking:

  • How am I?
  • Who am I?
  • What do I hear?
  • What do I feel?

day 37 1/2 stabilizing ourselves Exercise

often the uncomfortable feelings as we were kids didn’t make sense and when we asked someone or someone bossed us we assigned information to this feeling and had a pressure then to not feel this feeling again.

Now, focus on the feeling of the heart, the chakra facing forward, we are going to move the chakra into position to function in clear channel. its not like you think, you have to give a lot of hope to this situation.