STUDY Forms and Pages- Which, What, When?

This can get very complicated when you first start out.  Let us help you make it simple.

STUDY 2016 logo 700When you begin you will need to fill out the STUDY Application.  Do first and second step. Within a week of the application you will need to fill out The Basic Assessment.  There are three parts to this assessment.  You need to read through STUDY User Agreement and watch this quick video.

Join Free to get your login for secured sections of the site and STUDY.  We have a video that makes it easy for you to understand how to get started.

Your group leader will start you off with the STUDY Daily Concepts.  They are done one per day. Please do not work ahead. Each day has a selection of videos for you to view.  If you fall behind in your GroupMe group this page is where you go to catch up.

workbookAt the end of each STUDY Daily Concept section you will see a Workbook Support Icon.  This icon links to support material for the daily lesson.  Also, you will see after some sections there will be a form, survey, or comment section for you to complete directly below the section.  You can look for the “Information Feedback” sections specifically. We appreciate your participation in these.  We use this to understand how the STUDY is being observed and understood by you as a participant.

inspiredMy Journal is the link for the daily research tracking forms.  There is a morning and evening journal we would like you to fill in and an anytime journal for all other sharing you would like to do while in the STUDY.  These are quick and easy and can be done in 20 seconds if you do not add details.  You will be offered a compilation of your Journal at the end of the STUDY.

The Education section found on the navigation bar is the main page used for the STUDY.  You will find most things you need easily accessed from here.  The Expansion Programs online information and links are all here. We are also adding resource information to this section for your convenience.

The Calendar shows events you may like to be aware of in relationship to your expansion Programs and Luminosity.

Membership Resource Center

Membership Resource Center

My Account
is where you will stay signed in so you can access the STUDY material.  If you save your password it is easy to move around the secured sections of the site.