The BASICS Vocabulary

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Vocabulary words are found in the workbook in purple the first time they are used.

Practice Minute

A practice minute is equal to one to five minutes.


The BASICS are the foundation pieces of your practice consisting of time, space, focus, and activity.

Primary Energetic Block

A Primary Energetic Block is the energy of a personal belief that is held as a priority over other beliefs. It places an energetic block to the motion of energy where the body’s flow of energy supports the belief physically. Example: If I believe I must let my child have everything they want I can place a Primary Energetic Block in any of my chakras 1-5.


Reflexive points are points on the body:

  • Responsive to stimuli.
  • Can hold or release energy charge.
  • Location in which a response can happen without thought.

The autonomic system is responsible for a reflexive point without mental effort. When the brain moves into control, the ability to be reflexive stops.


Embodiment is to give a concrete form felt in the physical that expresses or personifies an abstract concept or feeling.

Hyper reflexive

Hyper reflexive is giving too much of yourself to others, performed as a reflex, without conscious thought or consideration of your own needs.


Individuation is being completely connected and fully aware of all things and all people while simultaneously being completely separate and fully aware of only you. The experience of Individuation is having both of these parts of you active and aware while feeling and knowing how the two interact and affect one another.

True State of Being

True state of being is the state in which a person exists prior to taking on the beliefs, obligations, or behaviors of their environment, social group, or peers. Your true state of being exists prior to conscious thought and is without perception based on a cause and effect system.

Heart Center

Heart center is the center of the chest and the center of the heart chakra.

Skewed Balance

Skewed balance is the energy flow being held off of center balance. It becomes the balance for your system and alters slightly all the energy that flows through your energetic system. It interferes with every energetic process leaving you unable to see the entire truth of anything.


I AM is the open energetic system that connects you with full awareness to everyone.

I Become

I BECOME is an advanced energetic awareness that occurs beyond I AM. It is a closed energetic system that opens your awareness directly to divinity.

Passive Block

A passive block is a block that is held without conscious thought. The brain has moved the control of this block to the subconscious while you await more input, a solution, or understanding before releasing the flow of energy to the section of the body the block is holding attention for.

Active Block

An active block takes constant attention, reflection, or effort to maintain. If the attention is released before it is moved into passive holding then the block holding, decreasing, or stopping energy flow is also released.


Ripping occurs when a person tries to release a delusion the brain believes is truth. Delusion cannot permanently exist side by side with one’s truth. The feeling of it being ripped from the truth occurs because the brain cannot tell which is the truth and which is the delusion as the mind separates the interconnection of the two. The brains fight to hold onto what it thinks is needed for survival is the ripping sensation.


Feeling joyful is not an extreme high or a state of bliss. To experience joy is to be glad in what you are creating or accomplishing. You are full of delight when you reference what has changed.

The Onion

The common idea that personal issues are layered and need to be pealed away one layer at a time.

The Wall

The wall is an energetic barrier people can feel or see from your body language that shows you are not open in one way or another.

Self-applied discipline

Self-applied discipline is your ability to control, or purposely repeat your actions, by choice using your free will. This discipline is not created by leverage or the belief you will receive something in return of your effort. It is driven by personal desire for change and is guided by your compelling factors.