Transcending and Transmuting Toxic Relationships

Subtopic: About Face! When you reach your turning point and are ready for change.

Lecture Outline:

Speakers: link to bios

Laura, the Believer
Christine, the Skeptic
Elisa, the Therapist

Introduction: an example of a transformed relationship.


Choose to change and define who you are in order to realize real change, before you can do anything else you must choose to change.

  • Be willing to let go of who you think you are.
  • Define who you will be.
    • Tests: Key factors, personality, love language, and support information.need link and page
    • Method: Universal Gift Wish List need link and page

Make the decision to truly see your life and how your participation in it effects you.

  • Decide what works and doesn’t work for you personally.
    • The comfort of habits. need link and page
    • Method: Are Your Actions Getting You What You Want? need link and page
  • Choose what you will and will not participate in.
    • Universal Law: Balance between two people is 100% all the time. need link and page
    • Putting a halt to the behavior now!
    • Method: Break the habit IN THE MOMENT. need link and page
  • Communication
    • Traditional means of friendship, journaling.
    • Method: Third Party Observer need link and page
    • Method: Contemplation need link and page
    • Communicating your changes to others.

We realize how important application and support are when attempting to change anything in your life. Because of this, as our special gift to you today, we would like to…..??


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