Water Meditations

Try this Shower Meditation

With the water running down your back, holding one hand at the base of your spine (the back of your second chakra), and the other hand two inches from the skin of the lower abdomen (about two inches below your belly button is the front of your second chakra) relax into your breath.  

Once relaxed, with your eyes closed for beginners and open for advanced, visualize the motion of the chakra. With your thoughts encourage the rotation of the chakra to be counterclockwise (your body is the face of the clock) turning three or four times, rotating your fingertips in a circle the same as your thoughts.  

Feel the resistance in the body to this motion. Go at a pace that you are creating gentle movement with your mind and fingers within this resistance of the body. After a few spins scoop up what you have moved and rinse your fingers in the water.  This breaks up the energetic sludge and toxins that adhere to the walls of the chakra.  Repeat for all seven chakras, rinsing your hands thoroughly in between to help the body and mind accept the release of the energetic build up.  

Pay attention to the different textures you may find in each chakra- like cotton, soup, granite and more. Each sensation represents a specific kind of energy block you are utilizing. For more information on specific block types and the purpose of the blocks consult your STUDY Lessons or ccontiniwellness blog posts. 

After you have cleared the chakras: go back to your first chakra, spinning it clockwise three or four times.  Repeat this with all seven chakras to return the speed and direction to the chakra.  A clean chakra is able to draw in natural energy to support you in all areas of your life.


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