WBS Active and Passive Holding of Energy

Blocks are locations in the body with decreased energy flow. The energy flow is decreased because you are holding attention or focus with your brain (conscious or subconscious) or energetic system. Blocks occur after distortion and before cellular damage.

Your Active Holding, or blocked energy flow, is within your brains control. Snapshots from your subconscious are used to reference and support a belief. If you are missing a piece of your equation, you will hold an active block as you open to find your answer. The method you use will be habitual unless acted upon by an outside force. Your brain references your subconscious hold of every experience you have ever had or witnessed. It uses this to support your conscious belief, assumption, conclusion, or judgment. Even with all this support, it is the conscious thoughts that have the final say. Active Holding blocks:

  • Take constant effort to hold and often include stuffing down or denying parts of subconscious support.
  • Create an energetic trap resulting in blame or circular thoughts.
  • Involve purposely holding with persistent awareness. You are resisting a resolution because of fear or your stacking of beliefs.
  • Restrict or stop the flow of energy, which creates build-up and pressure. This pressure results in pain signals. The pain exists without specific disease, diagnosis, or cellular damage.
  • Create stagnant energy that can shift into Passive Holding.

Active Holding can be used positively to show you where and when you are moving out of alignment with your truth. This brings awareness to your in the moment needs.

Your Passive Holding and blocking of energy flow can impact you emotionally, physically, and mentally. On a daily basis a Passive Holding:

  • Takes little to no conscious effort. The subconscious holds the pattern while awaiting conscious direction.
  • Can be caused by fearful beliefs regarding self or others.
  • Occurs because you are awaiting external information. This can be a want or a need for information. The Passive Holding pattern does not allow for the completion of your energetic process.
  • Occurs because you want or need inside understanding or alignment before you can return energy flow to a given area.
  • Are possible because you consciously ignore or remove your thoughts while awaiting more information.

Prior to your ability to stop thinking on purpose you could not hold a passive block. When held long term, Passive Holding is a continued skewed balance. It develops repetition of behaviors not aligned with your truth. These evolve into long-term stagnation of energy, starving and killing cells, which creates physical body damage. When something external triggers awareness to a relevant event, the subconscious forces awareness to the surface in an attempt to release the drain the block Passive Holding has on your system. Because your conscious is already ignoring what the subconscious force is presenting, your ability to be fully aware is blocked. It takes conscious effort to unblock something you have been ignoring.

Passive holding can be used positively to gather the missing piece or vibration needed to continue moving with balanced effort. It takes less control to move through an issue once balanced. This allows for the complete resolution of that issue.

Practice: The release of blocks is a process. Start by being self aware that these blocks exist and are created by you. This is an important step towards awareness for your practice. As you allow for this awareness, be kind—do not blame yourself or others for the blocking of energy in your body. You can use Release Methods and Techniques and Contemplation to help support this change. Use this awareness during your practice to release, heal, and search out areas for growth, eliminating your need to have many of these blocks in your energy. Accept and see yourself from a place of truth. This can instantly release symptoms from Active Blocking, and over time symptoms from Passive Holding as well.

Your practice can assist the release of distortion, passive blocks, and active blocks. Returning the body to a place of continuous healing will stop the disease process and in some cases reverse it.