WBS Aligning Emotions with Truth

You are conditioned to avoid emotional pain. You can stuff down, deny, or avoid your pain. By ignoring pain you lose sight of how to use it for guidance. You stop seeing that you are moving out of balance and out of your truth. You accept suffering as a way of life. The longer and stronger you hold pain, the less you recognize it as your creation.

Emotional pain is the result of forcibly holding a belief that is not your truth. This effort creates a delusion. Awareness of the delusion is the first step in moving away from emotional pain. You hold pain when you:

  • Rationalize your experience to be okay. It’s okay if I didn’t help them because last time they didn’t help me. A healthy creation is to learn it is okay to say yes or no based on your free will choice and release rationalization.
  • Judge others for their behavior. He failed because he is stupid. A healthy creation is to face your fears, look at your own behavior, and release false judgment. You cannot possibly know the full details of what happens in another person.
  • Blame someone so we can feel okay. It’s John’s fault I can’t get a job. A healthy creation is to take responsibility for what you can and cannot control and release your blame of others.
  • Find meaning in unrelated events to spin your perception. I stole from work because the economy is bad. A healthy creation is to look only at the in the moment facts. Accept your behavior, learn from it, and release the need for excuses.
  • Force control to move past pain without a resolution or a solution. I will be okay because I have to. A healthy creation is to investigate why you are not okay and release the need to force control.
  • Hold strong to a belief or detail. My marriage is over because we lost our house. A healthy creation is to release your narrowed focus and see your entire experience. Release any entrenchments that distract and confuse you.
  • Misdirect, moving away from the issue. I wouldn’t be disappointed if you hadn’t forgotten my birthday. A healthy creation is to address one issue at a time and release the need for delusion and control.
  • Refuse to look at facts, placing beliefs as a higher priority. I can’t leave my spouse who beats me because of my religion. A healthy creation is to realize when a belief is working against you and release your attachment.

Practice: Pay attention to your emotional pain. Make an effort to slow down to reconnect your mind and brain. Stop and pull back from the habit of creating the delusional separation of your brain and mind.