WBS Arguing Our Limitations

I lived a life of quiet desperation, wanting for death, assuming it was the only place I could experience joy. It was difficult to realize how I created this reality; even harder to see that I was capable of changing it by myself. I said things like ‘but I don’t have time…I don’t know what to do…I don’t have the money…I am too sick!’ My acceptance of these statements as fact kept them drawn to me by the Law of Attraction. It was the power of my own brain that supported these beliefs as facts in my life. Instead of seeing them as a concept I could take or leave, I was stuck. I was without joy.

I heard the phrase-If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them. I started asking myself in regards to my thoughts and beliefs, why did I argue to keep my depression, my need to live in hell? I had to address each belief that I carried and ask myself:

  • Is this something I want to keep?
  • Does this belief limit my ability to live in joy?
  • Are my fears in the way of my solution?
  • Is this belief a fear or a fact?

The more I questioned what I thought or said in this in my face way, the more I realized I am the limiting factor in my life. It became clear that if a belief was a fact it must be true for every living thing. I examined other cultures that did not have the limiting belief I struggled with. The more aware I became, the easier it was to get out of my own way. I realized beliefs are subjective, open to interpretation. They are not facts! Therefore, they can be changed.

Practice: Use the questions above or some other personal form of questioning that helps you to see where you are creating limitation in your beliefs, where you control your life and stay in discomfort, and where you are in your own way.

The more I realized if something can be done by one of us it can be done by all of us the easier it was to let go of my arguments and move into joy. By asking these questions and accepting energetic body, mind, and spirit solutions, I have found ways to heal skin cancer, kidney stones, broken bones and more. The answers are out there and we are learning to find them by letting go of our limitations, by removing the veil.

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