WBS Beginning Contemplation

Contemplation is a passive, relaxed Conscious Meditation. It settles the subconscious while relaxing your focus during a given moment. The relaxed focus often reveals solutions and awareness that the tight focus of your belief structure keeps you from seeing.

As beginners, starting contemplation prepared for a night’s rest is handy, as the relaxation may put you to sleep.

  • Relax into the events of your day. Resist the urge to think about experiences that are not specifically yours, putting aside thoughts of family, neighbors, work, and crushes. Those thoughts belong to a different part of your wellness practice.
  • Behaving as a neutral third-party, watch your day’s events like you would watch a movie, connected as an observer, not a participant. Keep your focus on you as the main character.
  • Separate yourself from your actions and reactions in each moment. Instead of seeing yourself or another character as responsible for what your character did, see how each character is responsible for themselves and how their beliefs create their behavior.
  • Stay focused on the main character. Do not follow or get distracted from your focus with anticipating or assigning meaning to the reactions of anyone else in the scene. Pay close attention to see if your actions are based on things in the moment or thoughts and beliefs outside of the moment. Observe how beliefs and fears are effecting your in the moment behavior.
  • You can know nothing past the actual facts of the event, release every assumption made and replace it with a question you may want answered. Allow your subconscious to seek out those answers while you sleep, free of assumption, fear, judgment, conclusions, or attachment. (Use Return to Observation to learn how to be free of attachment, judgment, and conclusions.)

There are many layers and methods for contemplation. Regarding events having conflict or emotionally charged attachments, we will cover how to work with these in future contemplation posts. For now, set those aside and continue with Beginning Contemplation methods only.

Practice: Use Contemplation daily. It is excellent for monkey mind, hidden fears, stilted emotions, and connection to soul. Suggested amount of time five to thirty minutes.