WBS Designed to Heal

Bodies are meant to be well and are designed with everything necessary to self-heal. Even though your natural state is to flow energy, you can passively hold an issue like regret without symptoms. You can move within your day free from thoughts or physical pain in relationship to this block. Your energy moves around the cells where the regret is stored. If you do nothing else you would probably be just fine.

If you were to have surgery on a major muscle, you would require physical therapy to heal the muscle. Therapy creates tears in the muscle tissue. The body makes and heals tears to your muscles naturally. If you have something stored in your muscle tissue like regret, you are likely to experience deep tissue damage with each therapy session instead of the anticipated self-healing that is natural.

Active work is needed to heal torn tissue. The body drain of a passive block becomes apparent as you struggle to move energy through the block to heal the tissue. The blocked space is resistant to the flow of energy. This sends a motion signal to the brain. If the signal is understood you release the block and are healthier for it. If the signal is not understood and released by the brain, your body will attempt a physical vibration release of its own. This brings focused attention to the block’s location in the form of pain. It is a marker to show where wellness work is needed to heal.

Practice: Consider the idea that much of your pain can be released by letting go of beliefs and energy blocks. Once you understand and embody what is possible you can instantly stop physical pain for yourself and others. Take time to look at your life, your energy, and your symptoms. Make changes while you are in good health to be in your best health.

Practice Variable: Consider working with Visualization for Self-Healing to open up your natural healing process.

Practice Variable: Here is an excerpt from The TOTAL Concept’s STUDY-2016, Expansion Program: Energetic Awareness Tools. It gives you an introduction into the most basic pain relief techniques. With a strong practice foundation, this technique can be easily understood and applied.